Art In The Bathroom

The trend of giving space of individual character is gradually growing in strength. This also applies to the bathroom.Until recently, the only creative accent was the patterned wallpaper, which contact with moisture and time was harmful. Fortunately, technology allows us to introduce art even in such a humid environment as the bathroom. Art in the bathroom can manifest itself not only in paintings and wallpapers. They can be tiled, furniture, sanitary devices, or decorations. Each of these things can have its own colour and charm. Colour evokes many different emotions in us. Adequate play with light will help you enter the enchanted and sensual atmosphere into the interior.



The bathroom is the most natural place for mosaics. It's still tiles - durable and resistant to water and damage - but we can get a unique effect thanks to them.


The clear colors of the tiles and their patterns propel them to play with contrasts. The combination of mosaic elements is important - we have a number of configurations to use, hundreds of designs for remarkable decoration to be used. They can therefore imitate sea waves or decorative stained glass. The limit is mainly our imagination. 


A fresh idea in the case of a mosaic is the application of photos or repeating patterns, popular for photo wallpapers. In this situation, the tiles may have the form of rectangles, but the printed motif itself is combined in a mosaic pattern.

 Art In The Bathroom


Modern bathroom ceramics will certainly surprise many of you with the richness of their shapes and colours. Unusual model or colour of the wash basin can be fitted to virtually any arrangement, or to treat the wash basin as a visual counterpoint - a contrasting element in the whole interior. Although there are a lot of colourful washbasins available on the market, they are usually designed for mounting on a counter-top. In addition to ceramics, washbasins made of resin are a very practical solution. 


A personalized toilet bowl will turn your bathroom into a real work of art. Using vinyl film technology. Works of art, illustrations or photos are printed on vinyl films, then mounted on a ceramic coating by heating and wrapping around the toilet. The installation does not cause any damage to the ceramics. The foils can be easily removed and the print can be changed or the original look of the bowl can be restored.The only such toilet bowl can be in your bathroom. 

Art In The Bathroom


A frequent decorative element from the moment of popularizing the printout of paintings are posters. Usually placed behind the glass was an interesting decorative element of the bathroom. This trend is still valid, especially in very small bathrooms or toilets, so that there is something to hang on to. The sculptures need more space in the bathroom, so they are suitable for larger rooms. Where space is too much, the initiative can easily take over large wall murals or paintings on glass.


After a hard day at work, a hot shower or bath in a bathtub is a balm for both the body and the spirit. Pictures for the bathroom let you hang your eye on an interesting element and relax.


When after the renovation of the bathroom we feel that something is missing, look for an item on the wall. Somewhere there will be room for a decorative element.


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