A Bathroom For A Family Of Several People

Do you have queue to use bathroom every day in the morning? We have a few tricks for you to arrange a bathroom so that it can be used by several people at the same time, without disturbing the intimacy of the household.

The bathroom so that it can meet all our needs is divided into zones: bath, basin and toilet. Every day, one person must use these zones to start the day. If there are more than two or three people in our home, it is worth remodeling the bathroom with the separation of its zones to increase the comfort of use.

If the technical conditions and the layout of the room allow, the first procedure allowing the use of at least two household members is the separation of the toilet area from the others. In the event where the interior does not allow us such a solution, an interesting alternative is to place a partition wall that will separate the toilet.

In a bathing zone for a family of several people, a shower installation is a great solution. This choice will improve the use of the bathroom, because taking a shower takes less time than bathing. A shower screen is worth choosing with a frosted glass, thanks to which we will be able to use the shower without being embarrassed, and at the same time let other use the washbasin.

In the morning we spend the most time in the basin zone, where we recommend installing at least two basins. If we do not have enough space, the manufacturers offer a large selection of washbasins with two taps. Since we are at the washbasin consider the mirror. The best solution will be a large mirror, even the entire width of the wall. Two people can stand freely in such a mirror, and additional advantage will be reflected light that visually enlarges the bathroom space. The effect will be intensified by using bright, toned colours in the family bathroom.

Remember to distribute the lighting to individual zones and adapt it to the preferences of the household. Lighting should be practical, convenient and ergonomic. If we decide on two basins, then each one should be appropriate lighting. It is enough to arrange a bathroom well to create the possibility of using it simultaneously by several people.

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