Shower Waterproofing Tanking kit Wiper
Shower Waterproofing Tanking kit Wiper
Shower Waterproofing Tanking kit Wiper
Shower Waterproofing Tanking kit Wiper
Shower Waterproofing Tanking kit Wiper
Shower Waterproofing Tanking kit Wiper
Shower Waterproofing Tanking kit Wiper
Shower Waterproofing Tanking kit Wiper
Shower Waterproofing Tanking kit Wiper
Shower Waterproofing Tanking kit Wiper

Wiper Shower Waterproofing Kit 17,5 m²

Tanking kit including 20kg of tanking liquid, 5l of primer, 50m of sealing tape, 10 corners and 10 pipe collars

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The tanking kit is used in rooms exposed to moisture, in order to water-insulate the surfaces on which ceramic plates will be laid. It is recommended in spaces requiring high-level waterproof protection due to increased moisture (e.g. in showers, bathrooms, toilets, laundries, kitchens etc.). Water insulation may be used on any type of surface: gypsum-board walls, plastered walls, walls made of gas-concrete blocks, wood-based materials, old ceramic facings, old stone facings, etc. By adding this product to your cart you will buy two sets of our tanking kit. You will be able to properly insulate approx. 17,5 m² of shower area.


Packaging size. Smallest waterproofing kit is usually enough for sealing the shower area. To waterproof entire bathroom, calculate the coverage of the floor plus walls. If you are not sure how much materials you will need please contact us.

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The tanking kit is a ready-mixed, under-tile tanking system to protect water sensitive substrates from exposure to water. Suitable for wet areas not exposed to pressurised water, such as bathrooms, showers in residential buildings, hotels, old people's homes and hospitals. Ready to use, no mixing required and easy to apply with a roller. The kit includes a high performance joint reinforcing tape to protect against movement in floor joins and corners etc. The contents are all INSIDE the bucket and the contents are protected in the bucket with polystyrene infill's to stop transit damage. The instructions are printed on the rear of the tanking kit.

For anti-moisture insulation systems in wet rooms and rooms intended for human residence. The tanking liquid is a ready-to-use single component, solvent-free sealant composed of polymer dispersion, fillers and modifying additives. When applied to the surface, upon binding it creates a flexible and water-insulating layer.

Tanking kit contains:

  • 20kg Tanking Liquid (5 x 4kgs)
  • 5L Primer
  • 50 Metres flexible Sealing Tape
  • 10x Flexible Pipe Collars
  • 10x Corners


  • Consumption to 1,2 kg/m²
  • Solvent free
  • Drying time: 2h

approx. 17,5 m²
Curing time
can be tiled after approx. 2 hours
37,5 kg
Tanking liquid
The tanking liquid is a ready to use, single component, solvent-free sealant mass, consisting of polymer dispersion, fillers and additives. When applied to a substrate and cured, it forms a flexible waterproofing coating. The product is intended for use inside places intended for human residence, especially in humid areas (such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundries), to perform insulation against moisture under linings and coverings, such as ceramic tiles, glazed tiles, terracotta, wooden floors and panels, and synthetic carpets.
Tanking primer
The product is intended for priming absorbent and porous surfaces, inside and outside buildings. It is especially recommended for cement - limestone plaster, gas concrete, plaster-carton boards and cement plaster. The primer has a high penetration ability, is deeply absorbed into the substrate, thus strengthening it, while allowing for „breathing”. These benefits improve the structure of the substrates, which, due to the passage of time, have lost their appropriate parameters. The priming solution improves adhesion to the surface of other materials that will be used on the primed substrate. By reducing the absorbency of the substrate, the wear of the applied coating materials, emulsion paints, glues, mineral putties reduces as well. The solution, due to the content of the biocide and fungicide, protects the primed substrate against the formation of mold and bacteria in the product.
Tanking tape
The tape, like the collar and corners, was made of ISOL-ONE waterproofing membrane. It should be used at the connection of walls, floor and walls, as well as between the showertray and the floor. These are the places most exposed to cracking and at the same time the most difficult to seal. Therefore, you should pay special attention to them when waterproofing the shower. The tape is elastic and can be cut to match length you need. It bonds with tanking liquid well.
Tanking corner
Corners are the most difficult areas to seal properly. Only thanks to the specially shaped corner made of waterproof membrane ISOL-ONE you will be able to create a uniform, resistant to cracks and leaktight layer. It bonds with tanking liquid well.
Tanking pipe collar
The pipe collar is designed for sealing area around water pipes which is always a difficult to seal as pipes tend to move slightly inside the wall. Tanking liquid itself offers not enough bridging capabilities for such connection. The middle circle of the collar is made of very flexible material, thanks to which it adapts to all standard diameters of water connection pipes.
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