Wet room set Showerlay 900 x 1200 + 1m² Underfloor Heating

See parts included Technical specification

Our Wet room complete set contains of a Showerlay Wiper 900 x 1200 mm Line Pure tray with a integrated stainless steel linear drain. The tray is 20 mm thick and has a 2% for-way fall towards the drain. Reinforced XPS foam is a very strong material being lightweight at the same time. It provides excellent acoustic insulation.

Shower tray comes with a 1 m2 Sunfloor Electric Underfloor Heating Mat. The sticky heating mat is easy to install and very efficient heating system. Smart WiFi thermostat is also included.

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Showerlay 900 x 1200 mm is designed to give you an easy access wet room. It is easy to cut down to size and install. The former has a ready made 2% fall towards the drain, provides great acoustic insulation and is also lightweight.

Suitable high quality shower drainage is included in the former. It comes with a 600 mm long stainless steel linear end drain. It also comes with grating which is 64 mm wide, leaving an 8 mm wide channel for water to flow. Pure is a slot cover that should be filled with tiles, so that, after the installation the only visible part of the tray would be the channel. The height from the shower tray surface to the top edge of the vertical upstand is 15 mm. McAlpine siphon trap with a capacity of 26 l/min and a 20 mm high water seal is also included. Showerlay is a complete unit with everything you need.


It is a modern and easy-to-install solution that can be your main or additional heating system. The mat can be easily hidden in the adhesive layer directly under the tiles.

The heating system can be used in selected area (for ex. just under the shower) or under the entire room. In either case it heats up the floor quickly. Thanks to the XPS boards insulating properties the shower floor heating is very effective and cost efficient. 

Grate style
Pure (slot)
1200 mm
900 mm
20 mm
Both sides: up to 50 mm.
XPS foam sheet
Cementous glue & waterproofing membrane fabric
4-way 2% towards the drain
McAlpine HC26 waste trap
We supply McAlpine CD-HC26-65 PCV (polypropylen) waste trap with our drains. To clean them you can simply dismantle it from above when installed, and waterflow will remove any dirt. If not you can use chemicals.

The waste trap provides Water Seal that prevents any bad smells to get back to your shower.
  • Colour: white,
  • Total height: 61,50 mm,
  • Waste pipe diameter: 1.5" (british standard size)
  • Water seal: 20mm
  • Flow rate [l/min]: 26/50 (for a 15mm/120mm liquid column)
  • Ready to be connected to waste system
  • Additional info: Waste Grid and Dip Tube removable from top to facilitate easy cleaning. All McAlpine Shower Traps with top access surpass the minimum required flow rate of 24 litres per minute when tested in accordance with clause 5 of BS EN 274-2:2002
Tanking liquid

The tanking kit is a ready-mixed, under-tile tanking system to protect water sensitive substrates from exposure to water. Suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms, showers in residential buildings, hotels, old people's homes and hospitals. Should not be used in places exposed to pressurised water, for an instance swimming pools. Ready to use, no mixing required and easy to apply with a roller. The kit includes a high performance joint reinforcing tape to protect against movement in floor joins and corners etc. The contents are all INSIDE the bucket and the contents are protected in the bucket with polystyrene infill's to stop transit damage.The instructions are printed on the rear of the tanking kit.

For anti-moisture insulation systems in wet rooms and rooms intended for human residence. The tanking liquid is a ready-to-use singlecomponent, solvent-free sealant composed of polymer dispersion, fillers and modifying additives. When applied to the surface, upon binding it creates a flexible and water-insulating layer.

Tanking liquid
Tanking kit contains:
  • 4kg Tanking Liquid
  • 1l Primer
  • 10 Metres flexible Sealing Tape
  • 2 Flexible Pipe Collars
  • 2 Corners

  • Consumption to 1,2kg/m²
  • Solvent free
  • Drying time: 2h
Tanking liquid

Tanking liquid
The tanking liquid is a ready to use, single component, solvent-free sealant mass, consisting of polymer dispersion, fillers and additives. When applied to a substrate and cured, it forms a flexible waterproofing coating. The product is intended for use inside places intended for human residence, especially in humid areas (such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundries), to perform insulation against moisture under linings and coverings, such as ceramic tiles, glazed tiles, terracotta, wooden floors and panels, and synthetic carpets.


The product is intended for priming absorbent and porous surfaces, inside and outside buildings. It is especially recommended for cement - limestone plaster, gas concrete, plaster-carton boards and cement plaster. The primer has a high penetration ability, is deeply absorbed into the substrate, thus strengthening it, while allowing for „breathing”. These benefits improve the structure of the substrates, which, due to the passage of time, have lost their appropriate parameters. The priming solution improves adhesion to the surface of other materials that will be used on the primed substrate. By reducing the absorbency of the substrate, the wear of the applied coating materials, emulsion paints, glues, mineral putties reduces as well. The solution, due to the content of the biocide and fungicide, protects the primed substrate against the formation of mold and bacteria in the product.


Dear Client

This heating product is manufactured from high quality, durable materials. To guarantee that your product functions optimally there are a few points of attention which are described in the Installation Instructions. We can only offer you the full guarantee if the system is correctly installed in accordance with these Installation Instructions. Carefully read the instructions prior to installation, do not forget the centre page when doing so, and ensure that you have the correct tools and materials. The electrical installation must be carried out by a qualified electrician in accordance with current local regulations.

1. Check: Check the contents of the box before starting. A complete set consists of:

  • Heating mat with connecting wire
  • nspection card
  • Thermostat incl. floorsensor
  • A flexible sensor tube
  • Installation instructions

2. Measurements:

Product Size Power Amp Ohm
SUNFLOOR Mat 1 m² 50 cm x 2 m 150 Watt 0.7 353
SUNFLOOR Mat 1,5 m² 50 cm x 3 m 225 Watt 1.0 235
SUNFLOOR Mat 2 m² 50 cm x 4 m 300 Watt 1.3 176
SUNFLOOR Mat 2,5 m² 50 cm x 5 m 375 Watt 1.6 141
SUNFLOOR Mat 3 m² 50 cm x 6 m 450 Watt 2.0 117
SUNFLOOR Mat 3,5 m² 50 cm x 7 m 525 Watt 2,3 100
SUNFLOOR Mat 4 m² 50 cm x 8 m 600 Watt 2.6 88
SUNFLOOR Mat 4,5 m² 50 cm x 9 m 675 Watt 2.9 78
SUNFLOOR Mat 5 m² 50 cm x 10 m 750 Watt 3.3 71
SUNFLOOR Mat 6 m² 50 cm x 12 m 900 Watt 3.9 59
SUNFLOOR Mat 7 m² 50 cm x 14 m 1050 Watt 4,6 50
SUNFLOOR Mat 8 m² 50 cm x 16 m 1200 Watt 5.2 44
SUNFLOOR Mat 9 m² 50 cm x 18 m 1350 Watt 5,9 39
SUNFLOOR Mat 10 m² 50 cm x 20 m 1500 Watt 6.5 35

3. Points of attention:

Check before hand if the heating mat is the right size for the floor area to be heated and that there is sufficient electrical capacity (Amps.) available. Before installing the mat, the resistance reading should be taken and noted down on the inspection card in the center of this manual. (See point 7).

The connector cable can be extended or shortened, there must always be at least 0.5 meter of connecting wire left. The heating cable, attached to the glass fibre net, cannot be cut. The mats cannot be laid over each other and the heating cables may never cross each other! The cable junction (SPLICE) is the transition of the resistance cable (heating section of the mat) to the power cable (cold connection) is just within the heating mat and is marked.

A distance from the wall of 10 to 20 cm should generally be adhered to. The Heating mat may never be installed under fixed objects like wall units, kitchen units, baths, or showers and must be able to give off its warmth unimpeded. The Heating mat may only be incorporated into the free floor areas. As bathrooms consist mostly of a small free floor area the mat can only be installed as supplementary heating. Please contact your local supplier for information about use as main heating.

All installations must be wired through a suitably rated MCB or RCCD when applicable. All installations in wet areas must be wired through a dedicated  RCCD in line with the thermostat. All connections must be made by an approved electrician in accordance with current local regulations. The Heating mat is 3 to 4 mm thick and must be incorporated in a flexible adhesive or casting mortar suitable for floor heating. Check the manufacturers data.
The Heating mat has 1 connecting cable 3.5 meters in length (Twin Conductor) and has an end seal (loop) at the end of the mat. The end seal CANNOT be broken. The connector cable can be shortened, there must always be at least 0.5 meter of connecting wire left. The power supply must never be connected during installation. If multiple mats are installed in a space, they must be wired in parallel and a suitably rated junction box may be incorporated so that only one power cable runs to the thermostat. Maximum capacity of the thermostat is 16 Amperes. If combined area exceeds 23m², a Contactor will have to be fitted. The thermostat may only be installed by a qualified electrician. The sensorcable can be extended or shortened. The sensor must be installed in the middle of a cable loop for optimal temperature registration. Ensure that the sensor is installed well clear (min. 50 cm) of (hidden) radiator and water pipes, drains and electrical wiring. The sensor must always remain IN the sensor tube. Fit cap to end of the sensor tube. If the sensor ever needs to be replaced it can then easily be removed.
The Heating mat is primarily designed for installation on concrete floors. If laying on a wooden floor, all floors must be sheeted with a cement faced board which is compatible with heated floor systems. Or sheet the floor with 15mm WBP or Marine plywood, fix with screws at 200mm centres and then skim with 2-3mm of flexible tile adhesive and allow to dry, then proceed as installation for concrete base.

4. Necessary materials:

  • A SUNFLOOR Mat System.
  • Flexible tile adhesive or Self levelling compound and flexible grout suitable for floor heating.
  • Flexible cement and cement gun for expansion joints along the walls.
  • Approx. 2m flexible electrical conduit (16mm)
  • (Plastic) adhesive comb with approx. 6mm teeth.
  • Electrical back box (min 35mm deep, prefer-ably 50mm).
  • Earthed power connection.
  • A multimeter to test the mat after each installation activity.
  • various tools.

5. Preparations:

Determine where the thermostat must  be placed, place a standard electrical back box with a minimum depth of 35mm, preferably at a height of 1.40 m for ease of operation. Grind/cut the necessary grooves and mount the junction box and electrical conduit. 2 conduits have to be installed; One for the sensor and the other for the power cable from mat. Do not run the power cable and sensor cable through the same conduit. Cut a groove in the floor for the floor sensor pipe (2 cm deep).

TAKE CARE: Never place the sensor in the vicinity of a (hidden) radiator pipe! Never install it passing under a heating cable!

Ensure that the surface where the mat is worked on is flat, clean, and free of dust and grease. In larger spaces, expansion joints along the wall may have to be used.

Sunfloor underfloor heating installation

6. Resistance readings

Before installing the Heating mat, the resistance reading should be taken and noted down on the inspection card in the center of this manual. The reading should be taken during the installation and on final completion. These readings should be as per the technical information (Point 2). Take measurements both between the resistance wires and between the resistance wire and the earth cladding.

Keep this inspection card in the meter cupboard in a visible place! This forms part of your guarantee.

7. Measuring out the mat:

Allow for a distance from the wall of 20 to 30 cm when rolling out the matting in larger areas. This does not apply to glazed walls where extra heating is required. If the SUNFLOOR Mat is to long, the mat can be cut into a long length and laid round the periphery of the mat. The loose cables must be looped at least 5 cm from each other. They may not touch or cross each other. Retest the mat when it has been laid.

8. Tile cement method:

Unroll the heating mat with the heating cable down so that only the glass fibre netting is visible.

  • Position the mat as described in Point 7.
  • Take the resistance readings.
  • Pull the end of the connecting cable through the electrical piping to the thermostat.
  • Apply the first layer of Flexible tile adhesive
  • 0,4 cm to 0,6 cm thick and approx. 55 cm wide.
  • Roll the mat out over the tile cement with the cable facing downwards.
  • Softly push the mat down with a wooden spatula or gloves and spread the tile cement that oozes through the mat.
  • Smooth it over and allow it to dry.
  • Take the resistance readings of the mat again.
  • Then apply a second solid layer of flexible tile adhesive taking care to avoid air bubbles and use a plastic tile cement comb to avoid damaging the mat. (DO NOT SPOT TILE!).
  • Press down the tile with a light sliding motion.

Sunfloor underfloor heating installation

10. Self-Levelling method:

Unroll the heating mat with the heating cable facing upwards.

  • Position the mat as described in Point 8.
  • Pull the end of the connecting cable through the electrical piping to the thermostat.
  • Take the resistance readings.
  • First read the instructions of the self-levelling mortar, check that the product is suitable for floor heating and follow the instructions of the manufacturer to the letter.
  • The self-levelling effect must usually be assisted somewhat using a squeegee. Observe the drying time before applying the floor covering.
  • Take the resistance readings of the mat again.
  • Then apply a solid layer of flexible tile adhesive taking care to avoid air bubbles and use a plastic tile cement comb to avoid damaging the heating mat. (DO NOT SPOT TILE!). Press down the tile with a light sliding motion.

TAKE CARE: Do not apply more than 1 self levelling layer. Please follow manufacturers instructions. 

11. Connecting the thermostat:

Installation needs to be done by a qualified electrician in accordance with all current wiring and building regulations. Before installation or re-installation of the thermostat always isolate the power to the thermostat.

To install and set up the thermostat, please use the manual that is included with the thermostat.

13. Using the system for the first time:

Depending on the drying time specified for the Flexible adhesive or self-levelling compound, however not sooner than 21 days after installation due to the natural expulsion of moisture from the floor.

Turning on the system sooner can damage the floor.

Documents available below are available to everybody for free to download. They can be open in high quality on your computer and be printed for further use.

Sunfloor Heating Mat manual WiFi Thermostat manual

ufh mat
Complete Underfloor Heating Kit
It is possible to include a complete Underfloor Heating Kit to your order. All you need to do is to choose the required size. Additional package, with heating mat, appropriate thermostat, sensor and instructions will be dispatched together with the other goods.

To calculate required mat size you need to get square coverage of the floor and exclude any permanent / fixed fixtures from them. It is also recommended to buy slightly smaller mat than calculated size - you can shape it but cannot cut the cables, therefore too large mat could not be installed.

SUNFLOOR Underfloor Heating
The SUNFLOOR Electric Heating Mat is a unique type of floor heating mat. The system has been designed to be used on an existing tiled floor or an existing finished floor, so that floor heating can still be installed there. The mat is approximately 4 mm thick and can be included in a layer of adhesive without any demolishing or grinding. The mat fits virtually underneath the surface. This decreases the heating time of the floor, that also makes this system suitable for rooms that are not permanently occupied including bathrooms, studies, playrooms, etc.

Heating mat
Underfloor heating mat set consists of all necessary parts for installation. One Thermostat is needed for every 23 m² of heating mat. It is included as optional, to allow ordering mat for custom areas, for example if you need 13 m² of mat total, you should buy 10 m² with one of the thermostats set as include and 3 m² with thermostat not included. In case you require less mat coverage than possible to buy from our product pictures, for example 14.5 m² you should always round low with your purchase and buy 14 m² as the mat is impossible to cut. It can be shaped but not shortened to size.

  • 2.5 meter 3-core supply cable
  • Fully encased in an aluminium earthed sheath
  • Unique blind connection between the heating and the connection cable
  • Chrome/Nickel resistance wire
  • PTFE (Teflon) insulation
  • PVC protective sheath
  • 10 -11 watt per meter resistance wire, 230 Volt
  • Cable diameter approximately 4 mm
  • Complies with current NEN standards for installation in completely wet rooms
Smart Sunlaser Thermostat
The C16Wi-Fi is an intuitive programmable thermostat used to control the electrical floor heating system or water heating system. It will keep home comfortable temp whilst minimizing energy use. Install the app on your smartphone to control the heating system remotely with the WiFi thermostat.


  • Voltage: 85 – 265 Vac 50/60 Hz
  • Standby power: <1 W / 2 W (WiFi version)
  • Max load: 16 A (electric heating) / 3 A (water heating)
  • Frame: IP21
  • Color: White / Black
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Do you sell the tanking liquid separately?


Yes, tanking liquid is available separately, however it's less cost efficient. Waterproofing kit is available at comparable price and contains materials that you will probably need to use anyway.

There's special category in our store: Tanking liquid.

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