A wet room is one of the options of choice next to a bathtub and a standard shower when planning a bathroom, to which more and more people are convinced. They are distinguished by simplicity, elegance, functional use as well as modernity. The wet room can be easily installed flush with the floor in any place adapting to the place of the drain, which, regardless of the size of the bathroom can be adapted to the budget, both large and small.

Forget about a high shower tray, which does not fit into the bathroom arrangement, and also resign from a bathtub that requires a large surface to place it. The tray can be produced in any size, allowing you to fit in any bathroom. The use of a wet room provides a spacious and comfortable bathroom for every day.


- they are easy to use for all household members,
- no threshold, which is why it is the best solution for the elderly and the disabled
- lightweight design gives the bathroom a lighter look
- lack of moving parts significantly extends their lifetime
- no gaps, nooks and hard to reach places makes it easy to keep it clean
- waterproof tray protects against water penetration beyond its area
- it is devoid of a high and massive shower tray with a cab, what visually increases the space in the bathroom, even in very small rooms
- XPS foam sheet covered with a flexible cement adhesive on both sides and reinforced with a fibreglass mesh
- the showerlay is CNC machined to obtain a perfect pre-formed slope from each corner to the drain
- it is lightweight but very strong
- perfect solution for British wooden floors, but can also be used on concrete floors
- ideal for tiled floors, because of the high compressive strength of the XPS foam, it can even be used with small mosaic tiles.
- the shower lay can be easily cut on site should you have any obstacles such as pipe boxings
- easy to use with under floor heating systems (should be installed on top of the shower tray)
- provides high acoustic and thermal insulation
- they are easy and quick to assemble
- freedom to choose a drain (linear or point) and its location
- provides fantastic bathing comfort due to their spaciousness
- the open-plan aspect creates an uncluttered look that adds a touch of luxury
- it is a modern product in the arrangement of British homes
- an innovative solution, simple and elegant form allows to distinguish other elements of the interior design.

Wet room is a reliable solution due to easy access for each user and increases the value of your property. Each product is covered by a 10-year warranty.

If you have any questions about the suitability of your property, give us a call and we will be happy to advise. Call: 020 7193 0953. You can find more information about this product at wetroomsdesign.co.uk