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Special wash primer PCI Gisogrund® 404 20L


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PCI Gisogrund 404 20L is a single component, solvent free, fastdrying primer. With PCI Lastogum makes perfect combination to make your shower area waterproof. The primer can be used with most types of floor, highly recommended for wooden and wood-base materials surfaces, plaster boards, paint coating, finish material and cementous floor leveler. Is it reliable bond of coverings and screeds to the substrate.

PCI Gisogrund 404 can be diluted with water and adapted to the absorbency of the substrate. Also, characterized with reliable adhesion with tile adhesives. After application of primer, surface is walkable after approx. 3 hours.

PCI Gisogrund 404 20L bag will cover approx. 100 to 200m², depending on what surface it is used.

Material basemodified polymer dispersion
ComponentsSingle component
Densityapprox. 1.03 g/cm³
Packaging size20 l bag stock no. 1768/5
Shelf lifemin. approx. 12 months
Consumptionapprox. 100 to 200 ml/m² • The consumption is dependent on absorbency and structure of the substrate.
Working temperature+5 °C to +25°C
Storagedry and protected from frost; no permanent storage over +30°C
Walkable afterapprox. 3 hours
1 l bag coversapprox. 5 - 10 m²
5 l pail coversapprox. 25 - 50 m²
20 l pail coversapprox. 100 - 200 m²
Minimum layer thicknessclosed film
Maximum layer thickness200 μm wet film
Mixing ratio with cement screed, magnesite screeddiluted 1 : 3 with water, 2 layers
Mixing ratio with concrete substratesdiluted 1 : 2 with water, 2 layers
Mixing ratio with anhydrite screeds, mastic asphalt screedsdiluted 1 : 1 with water, 1 layer
Mixing ratio with wooden substratesdiluted 1 : 1 with water, 1 layer
Mixing ratio with non-absorbent substrates (e.g. ceramic tiles)undiluted, 1 layer
Ready for application of floor leveller afterapprox. 3 hours (approx. 12 hours on anhydrite)

Features and benefits:

  • Solvent free to TRGS 610, Giscode D 1.
  • Very low emission PLUS, GEV-EMICODE EC 1 PLUS.
  • EU 2004/42/IIA(g)(50/30): < 7 g/l.
  • Can be diluted with water and adapted to the absorbency of the substrate.
  • High bond strength, reliable bond of coverings and screeds to the substrate.
  • Colour violet for good coverage control.

Fields of application:

  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • For absorbent and low-absorbent concrete and screed substrates.
  • As special primer for PCI Zemtec 1K, PCI Zemtec 180, PCI Periplan, PCI Periplan Extra, PCI Periplan Plus, PCI Periplan Fein, PCI Periplan Multi and PCI Periplan White.
  • As special primer for anhydrite screeds, mastic asphalt screeds, magnesite screeds for floor levellers and tile adhesives.
  • As special primer for wooden floorboards, particle boards as well as OSB boards.
  • As special primer for non-absorbent substrates such as ceramic tiles for subsequent floor levelling compounds.
  • Suitable for the use on ships; meets the requirements of Marine Equipment Directive (MED) 96/98/EC.

Preparation of substrate

The substrate must be structurally sound, clean, dry, free of oil and residues which could impair adhesion. The substrate condition must meet the requirements of any further coverings.

Application procedure

  1. Shake PCI Gisogrund 404 well before use.
  2. Pour primer onto the clean and prepared substrate and spread in crisscross method using a fine-pored foam roller, surface scraper, soft brush or flat bristle brush. Avoid puddles forming! A second coat of primer can be applied when the first coat is walkable. Use particle filter mask P2 for spray application. Cement screeds and magnesite screeds Prime with PCI Gisogrund 404, diluted 1 : 3 with water, apply two layers. Concrete substrates Prime with PCI Gisogrund 404, diluted 1 : 2 with water, apply two layers. Anhydrite screeds, mastic asphalt screeds, wooden substrates Prime with PCI Gisogrund 404, diluted 1 : 1 with water, apply one layer. Untreated (raw) wooden floorboards and particle boards require a second coat of primer as soon as walkable. Prime old ceramic and natural stone tiles with undiluted PCI Gisogrund 404, one layer.
  3. Floor levellers and coverings can be subsequently applied to the cured and walkable primer. The waiting time of 12 hours must be observed for anhydrite substrates.

Please note:

  • Do not use PCI Gisogrund 404 at substrate temperatures below +5 °C and above +25°C.
  • The mixing ratio must be adapted to the absorbency of the substrate and strictly followed.
  • Apply a generous amount of primer and brush in well. Avoid puddles forming, spread out excess primer.
  • The surface finish must be removed by rough-grinding and thorough cleaning prior to applying PCI Gisogrund 404 to water-repellent ceramic (e.g. Ceramic plus by Villeroy & Boch).
  • When using PCI Gisogrund 404 outdoors, it is required to protect the primer with a subsequent waterproofing layer (e.g. PCI Seccoral) before laying ceramic or natural stones.
  • Clean tools and mixing buckets with water immediately after use. When the product has cured it can no longer be removed with water.
  • Storage: min. 12 months; dry and protected from frost, no permanent storage over +30°C.
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Special wash primer PCI Gisogrund® 404 20L
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german quality

best quality primer to be honest

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20l can was enough for a whole bathroom and a kitchen. It dries pretty fast.

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