Is the siphon trap and drain included with the wet-room-kit-800-x-1200-line-sirocco?

Dear Jim,

I would like to confirm that suitable McAlpine siphon trap with pipe is included to this wet room kit. It is completely rotatable and it's pipe height can be adjusted so it gives flexibility to avoid the joists. It features flow rate of 26 l/min and water seal of 20 mm which prevents the air from getting back into the shower.

For the price visible on the product page you receive:

- XPS foam base with pre-machined fall from every corner of the tray to every corner of the drain, reinforced with fibre glass mesh and cement based glue,

- integrated and waterproofed stainless steel channel,

- grating pattern (6 available) - no impact on price nor on performance,

- McAlpine siphon trap with pipe,

Optionally you can include the waterproofing kit to your order, which is very useful especially for timber floor but also recommended for concrete floor.

If you have any questions I am here to help,

David 020 7193 0953

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