Hi, I'm planning on using your Showerlay Wiper shower tray for the shower, and your Imperboards for the rest of the room's floor and walls, to create a walk in shower/wet room. Can I just tape the joints and corners using your sealing tape and tanking liquid, or do I have to tank the whole of the boards as well? if just the joints which sealing tape & tanking liquid should I use? Thanks.

Hi Stuart,

We recommend to go for tanking tape and tanking liquid, which can also be used as adhesive to stick those tapes.

It is advisable to tank the whole floor and at least 500 mm up the walls from the floor.

You could also just tank the shower area and all the connections.

For any of the above using waterproofing kit will be a good idea.

Kind regards

David 020 7193 0953

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