Hi, can I trim this tray to the smaller size? I require 1120 mm x 820 mm in my wet room.

Dear Customer,

Our wet room kits are based on XPS material, which is flexible and can be safely trimmed. This can be done with a regular handsaw, is very easy and does not do any damage to the shower tray.

There's one recommendation from us, if you want to cut for example 100 mm off each dimension, you would need to take equal bits off each side 50 mm from the top and 50 from the bottom as it has premachined slopes towards the drain which need to be preserved.

800 x 1200 shower tray can be shortened down to a minimum size of 600 x 1000 mm.

If you have any questions I will be happy to help.

Adam 017 0927 3601

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