One of the basic properties of the drain that you need to decide on when buying is its length. This will have a significant impact not only on the appearance of the entire shower, but also on the installation method. Additionally, we will show you a special drain construction designed for wall-to-wall installation.

In all standard showerlays available in our store, the manufacturer has adopted a clear rule of selecting the length of the drain. The length of the drain is always 300 mm shorter than the length of the side it is parallel to. So choosing a 900 x 1200 mm shower tray, the linear drain will have a length of 600 mm. This is dictated by the structure of the tray itself and the possibility of aesthetic cutting of the tiles in the envelope pattern for a four-slope wetroom.

When choosing the length of the linear drain for your shower, you can also follow this principle. However, adopting the popular rule that the drain should be 100 mm shorter than the side of the shower where it will be installed is sufficient and should allow for trouble-free sealing and tiling around the drain.

It is also possible to install a drain across the entire width of the shower "from edge to edge". Wiper Premium Wall Upstand linear drains have been designed especially for such situations. This drain features vertically bent stainless steel flange. There are also available different variations of this design with a flange bent upwards on two or three sides. The flange allows you to keep an appropriate distance from the walls and greatly facilitates proper and reliable waterproofing. So no matter if you plan to have your shower between two walls or with a shower screen on one side and a drain by the wall, we will always find a drain that suits your needs best.

As you can see, the selection of the drain and installation methods allow for a lot of customization. However, it is worth remembering that when designing a large shower, you really shouldn't choose short drains. For example, if you want a shower of 100 x 120 cm or 120 x 120 cm, the shortest available drains (50 or 60 cm) are not be the best choice.

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