What Instead Of Tiles In The Bathroom Part 2

In addition to the wood and stone mentioned in the first part of the article, we can also finish the bathroom with other materials that will be equally useful for practical purposes as well as attractively present.


Glass is available in many thickness variants, it is a very durable and safe material, thanks to which we can use it as a wall cladding. This type of finish is unique and modern. In addition, we have a choice between reinforced glass, hardened glass or glued glass, which are lasting and we do not have to worry about their durability. It is a great alternative for people looking for something new, wanting to refresh the decor of their bathroom. The advantage is an affordable price, the ability to choice from a wide range of products and the option of printing. The most popular glasses we can meet are frosted, smooth, transparent glasses or those with a porous structure. The problem of stains, which also many times each of us could meet was either eliminated, thanks to the varnishing of the glass surface. The option is ideal when the glass is exposed to the direct action of a large amount of water.

We have many possible shapes to choice from, but also formats such as panels, plate or tiles. The panels can be successfully used as tight barriers and even entire walls. 


Now something for fans of modern climates with a somewhat austere aspect. Architectural concrete is ideally suited if we want to give our bathroom an ascetic character. It is delicate in transport, very easy to assemble. Just impregnate it so that it is highly durable and requires no further treatment during use. For more demanding, it is possible to order panels for a tailor-made dimensions together with shuttering boards – steel or wooden formwork to choose from.

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