In response to the growing market demand, we have been offering wall-mounted linear drains for some time now. What's this all about? Are they really needed?

When installing a linear drain while building your shower, you have to choose not only the length of the drain, but also its location in relation to the walls. The minimum distance from the wall is primarily dictated by the total length of the drain (including the steel flange surrounding the channel). Usually it is about 2-3 cm on each side more than the length of the canal itself. However, cutting the tiles to 2 cm on the sides of the drain may not be aesthetically pleasing, and sometimes even impossible. What if you want to align the drain with the wall? It is exactly for such situations that a wall upstand drain with a vertical flange was created.

This drain model was made on the basis of the most popular Wiper drain the Premium line. A main feature of the upstand version and, at the same time, the main difference from the standard Premium is the flange bent upwards on one of the long sides. What does it do?

The vertical flange has two primary functions. The first is, of course, the ability to install it against the wall without the need for any undercut in the wall. Thanks to this, you will be able to easily protect the floor against water penetration. Appropriate sealing of the floor around the drain is an essential element of its proper installation. The place of joining the wall with the floor is particularly prone to cracks and therefore sensitive to proper insulation. The second important function vertical flange has is the ease of maintaining an appropriate distance from the wall along the entire length of the drain. This is especially important with longer drains, where every millimeter of difference in parallel between the wall and the drain will be visible.

Wall Upstand Drain Set

The distance of the vertical collar from the edge of the drainage channel is 17 mm, which gives a safe margin when covering walls with even non-standard thick tiles and secures the space needed for an insulating cuff and liquid foil.

Most of the accessories attached to the ZK drain are identical to those with the standard Premium model. The Drop 50 and Drop 35 siphons as well as the Snake flat siphon are also suitable in this case. Only the insulating cuff is different due to the characteristic shape of the flange. Therefore, you do not have to worry about tucking it up, because everything is cut to the right size and shape.

Wall Upstand Set

Therefore, if you plan to install your linear drain next to the wall and obtain an elegant three- or single-slope shower tray, choose the Wiper Wall Upstand drain. For demanding customers, there are also versions with bent side flanges (bent left flange, bent right flange and both). However, due to their lower popularity, these are non-standard products and their price will unfortunately be higher and the lead time will be longer.

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