Slim linear drain is a very common slogan when searching for a linear drains. What does that really mean? Today we will try to explain why slim drains are so eagerly sought after and how it affects their design, installation and use.

Slim usually means low height, but it can also mean narrow drain channel, thin grill cover, etc.. Therefore, for any drain manufacturer, using this word in a product name can mean something else. Not every slim type drain will meet your requirements. Therefore, when choosing a specific model, you need to look at not only its height and width, but also other parameters. It is also worth paying attention to the water seal height (how many millimeters of water in the siphon is blocking odors from the sewage system), flow rate, material from which the drain and siphon are made and, of course, the overall quality. Most often, the word Slim will actually refer to the construction of the siphon, as it mainly determines the final height of the drain. Additionally slim means that the water collecting channel is much narrower than in standard drains.

Low height shower drains are popular for two main reasons. The first one is the minimalist trend in bathroom design, which is constantly gaining popularity. This also explains the huge popularity of the linear drains and walk-in shower enclosures themselves. They fit perfectly into the simple, modern trend. When choosing individual elements of bathroom equipment such as shower taps or just a linear drain, you can also choose solutions that fit this simple, minimalist decor trend. The second reason is the floor thickness. Very often, the amount of space available for the installation of a linear drain, so as to be able to obtain a suitable water slope in the shower and the sewage system, is limited. Then you have to look for very low drains. A special design reducing the height of the waste trap allows for lower installation height. Unfortunately, that special design force some compromises on the part of their other parameters, such as the water flow capacity and the mentioned before water seal height. Both of these parameters determine the comfort of using the shower, but it is the water seal level that suffers the most with flat siphon structures in Slim drains. Therefore, it is worth choosing drains that will guarantee a minimum of 30 mm of water plug. Thanks to this, you will not be exposed to unpleasant odors from the sewage system, even if the shower is not used for a long time. In addition, this amount of water will prevent the effect of siphon water being sucked in with insufficient ventilation of the sewer riser.

Another important difference affecting the use of the Slim type linear drains compared to ordinary linear drains is the access to its interior for cleaning. With very narrow drains, cleaning may be difficult, so it is worth choosing the golden mean between appearance and comfort of use. 

From our offer, we can recommend a drain model that will fit into the trend of low height slim linear drains perfectly. The Wiper Premium Slim shower drain. It has a special waste trap with a height of only 50 mm, entirely made of stainless steel and with a water seal height of 30 mm. In addition, the drainage channel has been narrowed (up to 58 mm) compared to the standard, thanks to which it is even more elegant, minimalist look was obtained without hindering cleaning possibility.

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