In the last article, we were unable to exhaust the topic of correct isolation. There are a few more details to keep in mind to avoid future problems with our dream bathroom.


What if the substrate on which we plan to install the tile tray is very cracked and uneven and there is a high risk of further cracking? Special ISOL-ONE waterproofing mats will help. While the liquid foil can bridge the scratches, it is effective in a rather limited range. Therefore, instead of applying multiple layers, the producers found a better solution. You can cover entire surface of the shower and its surroundings with a very durable insulating membranes. The mat is available even in two-meter rolls thanks to which we can easily create an unbroken insulation barrier even in the largest showers. The mat can cover both the walls and the floor. It is very easy to apply and resistant to aging and construction chemicals.


Every repair specialist knows (or at least should) that in areas exposed to humidity, only construction materials adapted to such conditions should be used. Unfortunately, it happens that instead of impregnated plasterboards for bathrooms, ordinary unprotected boards are used. This can lead to serious faults caused by moisture. The situation is similar with cement boards. Remember, however, that the purchase and installation of impregnated boards does not absolve us from further sealing. The boards are resistant to moisture, but not to water.


This is a frequently overlooked or inaccurately performed stage of finishing works. The correct and aesthetic execution of the sanitary silicone joints affects not only the proper appearance of our shower. The key reason is the tightness and hygiene of the entire installation. Silicon is the first barrier for water. That's why sealing drain and tiles and corners connections is so important. Sanitary silicons also contain fungicidal solvents. It is a very bad idea to get rid of this barrier in your own shower.


Having such a sealed bathroom, we must remember about proper ventilation. It as important factor protecting our modern shower against fungus and mold as using liquid foil, insulating mats and silicone. Especially if we do not have a window in the bathroom, a proper extraction of moist air is necessary. If your ventilation is too weak, you can support it with an electric fan. The best choice is to use a time switch so that when you leave the bathroom the fan will be working for a while, dragging the moist air out.

Sealing is a multi-stage process that is not limited to just painting with a liquid foil. There are many other important stages to pay attention to during a renovation work. If we do not feel up to strength, it is better to hire a suitable construction company. And with the help of this article one can take care of the competence of hired professionals :).

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