It's hard to deny that the installation of a wet room kit is much easier and faster than installing a linear drain on your own. With the new Wiper Showerbase wet room kit, renovation of your shower will be even faster, and cheaper, will allow for greater freedom in choosing tiles and will forgive more mistakes when tiling. All thanks to a slightly different design and the use of the latest Wiper Elite drain with height adjustment and double drainage.

The base of the Showerbase tray as in the case of other wet room kits is a hard and lightweight extruded polystyrene (XPS) board. In each slab, four-way bleeds were carved in the direction of the incorporated linear drain. The material itself, despite its lightness and porosity, is very durable, thanks to which, after glueing to the floor and tiling, it will be as hard as the rest of the floor. In addition, it provides excellent acoustic and thermal insulation, and thanks to its lightness, it is possible to manoeuvre the shower tray alone during installation. Ready-made slopes will allow you to accurately determine the cut lines in the tiles and maintain the appropriate slope towards the drain over the entire surface of the shower tray.

Showerbase Slopes

The first and most important difference from traditional Wiper Showerlay trays with a cement surface is the use of a special Wiper ISOL-ONE sealing mat on top. SHOWERBASE trays are covered with a waterproof and highly durable mat based on polyethylene foil with an admixture of non-woven fabric. The film creates a waterproof coating, and the non-woven fabric increases its strength and adhesion. The ISOL-ONE mat is factory-glued to the XPS board with a strong two-component polyurethane adhesive. The only thing that will need to be waterproofed before tiling is the connection between the tray and the rest of the floor and the walls.

Isol One Sealing Mat

The second element that distinguishes Wiper Showerbase wet room kits is the WIPER ELITE linear drain used in them. The special design allows you to adjust the height of the drain frame. Thanks to this, in addition to standard tiles, much thicker finishing materials can be used on the Showerbase tray. This solution allows for more freedom when choosing tiles, and thus the final appearance of your dreamed walk-in shower. Typical linear shower drains, have only one way of collecting water. In the Elite linear drain, there is an additional protective drainage system, which results from its three-part construction. The water seeping through the joints is not trapped under the tiles, but following the shower slopes, it is discharged in the drain channel body directly under the frame and grille.

Wiper Elite Drain

Every wet room kit is equipped with a proper shower waste trap, which combines all the most important features that a shower siphon should have. Easy to install by tight screwing on a thick gasket, it allows you to set any direction of the waste outlet, so the location of the riser is not a problem. The high level of siphoning guarantees the blocking of unpleasant odours from the sewage system even after a long period of non-use. Easy cleaning from above by removing only two pieces.

Currently, it is the most advanced and refined solution available on the market that will help create a modern and durable walk-in shower.

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