Modern Bathroom Solutions - Wet Rooms

Modern bathroom solutions - wet rooms - are becoming increasingly popular. Despite their many advantages and positive qualities, they still leave a lot of room for the manufacturers of accessories. They are racing to come up with more exciting add-ons to personalize your wet room and add new features. Below you will find a brief overview of current bathroom trends related to wet rooms.


The main part of the wet room is of course the drainage itself. Manufacturers provide a range of solutions and designs that fully meet customer requirements. Wide selection of gutter models, from the simplest design to advanced products e.g. with adjustable grille height, allow you to perfectly match the product to a particular bathroom. Shower trays with integrated outlet are also manufactured, and the model of the built-in gutter is also available here.
Once the gutter has been installed and drained, the only visible element in the floor will be the grille. Here we also have a number of options to choose from. The most popular designs among customers are those minimalist - pure grille or one that fills with tiles, so after mounting only visible gaps where water flows. The grille with patterns is no less popular: here the customer can choose from a variety of patterns, from circles, squares, irregular shapes to finish.
Of course the grilles are interchangeable and there is no problem to buy several and replace them as you like.
When we choose the dream model and design of the dream gutter, we still have to choose the way of finishing. Many manufacturers offer this option and usually have a brush, matt or mirror. The first one is the most popular and universal - it fits all interiors and it is easiest to clean it. It has a visible texture of metal brushing. Another finish - mat, fits into more subdued finishes and least stands out from all three finishes. The last, the mirror, is most noticeable thanks to its polished surface. Suitable for modern bathroom finishes and looks very impressive, but on its surface can collect a lot of dirt.


Another wet room feature is underfloor heating, which has become increasingly popular in recent times. This is under floor heating, and in wet rooms, it can also be mounted under the shower area. Its installation is not as difficult as it seems, and there is no limit to the floor finish - the heating can be mounted either under the tiles or under a wooden or vinyl floor. The biggest advantage that you can feel right away is the pleasant feeling of warmth in the shower and after you leave. Underfloor heating is extremely appreciated in winter when it keeps the tiles warm underfoot. Another important advantage that is not so obvious is that heating helps to dry out the water on the floor. Thanks to this, we are confident that moisture will not get us into the wall and we do not expose them to the formation of a fungus.


A lot of people choose to designate a shower area with shower screens. Thanks to that, the splashing water will not reach the rest of the bathroom and will not dampen towels. This is especially recommended in smaller rooms where we do not have much choice in space planning. Manufacturers provide a variety of options and layout (layout) shower screens, so there is no problem if your wet room is in the corner or on a straight wall. They are generally installed straight on floor or wall. There are 8 mm and 10 mm glass thicknesses to choose from and are often covered with a special layer that makes the water flow faster after it. The wide variety of available hardware allows you to choose the right style and color to fit your bathroom. Both minimalist and more classic designs are available. Combining glass with the rest of the finish materials in the bathroom gives it a very modern look and adds value to your home.

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