Vinyl floors are a constantly gaining popularity solution that is widely used not only in public buildings, but also in homes. A vinyl floor has many advantages, the most important of which is the lack of joints which makes it especially easy to maintain. That's why it became so popular also in bathrooms. On the other hand, linear floor drains are very popular choice in showers aswell. As a result of combining these two trends, a need has arisen for linear drains for vinyl flooring. In this article, we will present the basic properties of the Wiper VF linear clamp drain for use with PVC safety floor coverings.


Vinyl Floor Drain Wiper

The Wiper linear drain for vinyl floors is entirely made of high-quality stainless steel. Thanks to an advanced production process and great attention to details, the drain is rust-resistant, elegant and user-friendly. Thick sheet metal used in the production of the drain is much more resistant to deformation than in comparisone to other manufacturers products. Thanks to this, it meets the standards for human weight load class and can easily handle the load in special situations such as wheelchairs or shower chair.


Vinyl Floor Drain Wiper

This unique clamp drain consists of three basic parts and a few additional accessories. The base is a special profiled drainage channel to which the the waste trap is attached. The next part is a screw-on clamp frame that locks the vinyl in the drain. The last part is an elegant masking grate that is inserted into the drain at the very end. There are three pattern designs of grate to choose from.

A useful accessory added to the set are adjustable feet, which, if necessary, will facilitate the installation and leveling of the drain, especially during installation in concrete.


Vinyl Floor Drain Wiper

The greatest advantage of modern shower drains is that they can be easily cleaned from the top. This is also the case with the Wiper VF drain. You just need to lift the grate using the hook supplied with the set, and then remove the strainer and the inspection tube from the siphon. The ability to reach the inside of the siphon that easy improves the comfort of use and ensures trouble-free cleaning.

The drain can be installed with vinyl covering thickness ranging from 0.5 to 5 mm. The drain itself is available in standard lengths of 50 cm, 60 cm, 70 cm, 80 cm, 90 cm, 100 cm, 110 cm and 120 cm. It is also possible to order a drain with a non-standard length. If you need a length other than those specified above, please contact us.

A very important advantage of this model is the possibility of installing it in both concrete and wooden floors. Additionally, thanks to its low height (only 30 mm), the drain can be used even in very shallow floors. The easy-to-install construction will even allow for the possible replacement of the floor covering in the future without breaking the floor around the drain.

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