Is A Shower Tray Necessary For Designing A Wetroom

More and more homeowners choose a shower tray instead of traditional shower cubicles. Where did the fashion for flat shower and installed flush with the floor come from? And why does it have so many followers? Well, it has many advantages, which prove that it is the most interesting solution for most homes. We also want to interest you in a walk-in shower, because it may cost you less than you think.

Shower trays are boards with an already integrated linear or square drain. The board is installed in the floor and then covered with any finishing material, usually tiles. The product is so comfortable in the installation that it already has contoured slopes towards the drain, thanks to which we save time and we are sure that the water will not pour out of the shower area. For installation it is necessary to raise the floor if we do not have enough space to install the siphon and drain pipe.

An alternative to shower trays are flat mineral shower trays. It is ready-to-install product, as well as shower tray with already machined inclination towards the drain and build-in drainage, but without the need to finish the surface of the shower tray, because the finishing material is usually the acrylic or conglomerate from which they are made. It is a mineral casting with high durability, anti-slip and antibacterial surface. They can be purchased in many colours and patterns, however, they are more expensive than the shower trays and can not be trimmed as in the case of standard shower trays.

The cheapest solution for a modern and elegant bathroom with shower is the use of a drain. It is installed inside the floor. It is necessary to remember to maintain the proper mounting height of the grille, anticipating the connection of the drain pipe to the sewage system, the level of insulation and the finishing material laid on the floor. For correct operation of the outflow, remember to keep the slope of the shower floor properly. The linear drains are available in as many as 8 standard lengths and point ones in 3, however, it is possible to produce any length on request.

Despite the fact that the assembly of the drain is labor-intensive, it is worth choosing this option due to the lower costs of the entire project.

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