How To Visually Enlarge A Small Bathroom

In many smaller and older apartments, having a small bathroom is not unusual. Can you make your bathroom seem spacious despite its small size, and practical at the same time? Of course! With a few tricks we can enlarge our bathroom, thanks to which our bathroom will give the impression of being more spacious, while remaining very functional and stylish.

Bright and cool colours

The colours in our bathroom are crucial and this is really one of the easiest ways to enlarge it. It is worth focusing on bright colours: white, beige, pastels, grey, light green. It can be said that the cooler the better, unfortunately the warm colours make all the elements in our bathroom seem closer. Therefore, the choice of cool colours is the best solution, because it makes the bathroom walls move away optically, and the distance between the furniture seems much larger. The floor should differ from the wall by at least one ton. What's more, you should also bet on bright accessories and other additions such as towels. The fact that our bathroom will be all in bright colours does not mean that it will be boring at the same time. It is also worth using different textures such as pale stone or various accents on the tiles.



When decorating a small bathroom, it's worth focusing on glow and choosing reflective materials. Tiles with a slippery, shiny surface will be a good choice that reflecting the light will add depth to the interior. It is also worth focusing on ceramics, it will make our bathroom look much more interesting. Any bathroom can not do without a mirror, and in a small bathroom it is all the more important (it is best to choose a mirror without frames, enlarging the interior will then be the most effective).



For bathrooms with a small space, you should opt for tiles in a larger format, preferably rectangular. Also large, smooth tiles will work on the walls. It is important to avoid all kinds of designs that, although beautiful, will give us a completely opposite effect than expected, optically reducing our bathroom. However, if you want a pattern, you can choose to decorate one whole wall. It will give us a very interesting effect and at the same time will not disturb our idea of optical bathroom enlargement.


Zero-threshold shower tray

Although many of us dream of a big bathtub in our bathroom, a walk-in shower tray will be the best choice. The bathtub, unfortunately, absorbs a lot of space, and this type of shower tray is much more compatible, takes up much less space compared to typical shower trays and the previously mentioned bathtubs, and gives the impression that our bathroom is much more spacious. What's more, it is worth replacing the shower curtain by using a glass wall or door, which will give us a modern effect and is another way to make our bathroom seem much bigger. You can also opt for frosted glass that will give us more privacy, and will still let a lot of light through.



Another very important point on our list. There is no denying that bathrooms are special places where we should definitely pay special attention to lighting, as these are places where natural light usually reaches in a very limited way. What's more, depending on the activity we perform, we should remember about different levels of light intensity. We need good light when we do our make-up  and on the other hand, when we take a relaxing bath, we would often prefer the light to be less intense. Despite the classic lamp on the ceiling or above the washbasin, in this case it is worth choosing diffused light sources in different places in the bathroom, e.g. illuminated furniture or recently fashionable backlit mirrors.


Bathroom furniture

The more free space in a small bathroom, the better. Therefore, in this case, floating vanity will be the best. Of course, it's worth aiming at the most capacious furniture, and with a very small bathroom it is a trick that will magnify it optically for us. It will also give us greater freedom of movement and make it even easier to clean the floor. Cabinets hidden in the wall will also be a good choice. As for the material from which such furniture should be made, it is worth focusing on those with the highest degree of reflection of light, they can even be those that are a mirror reflection. The previously mentioned glow plays an important role here. What's more, simplicity will work best here, which is why a good choice would be to give up handles and focus on simple shapes. So the less the better. It is also worth investing in a suspended washbasin and toilet bowl.

You have to agree that the arrangement of a small bathroom so that it is functional, fashionable and appears to be much larger is a challenge, however, I am sure that the application of these few principles will help everyone achieve their desired effect.

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