If you want to introduce a bit of life into our bathroom, there are a few simple ways to do it. Often, even a small accent will reduce the feeling of sterility and cold prevailing especially in modern bathroom designs. However, it will be much easier if we take this into account at the early design stage when renovating a bathroom.


Contrary to appearances, for some plant types the conditions in our bathrooms are ideal for their needs. However, the basic factor regarding the choice of plants for our bathroom should be access to light that we can provide. There are a lot of species that like moist conditions but not all of them can cope without a lot of light. If your bathroom does not have a window with good sunlight, we can use special artificial lighting suitable for plants. In other cases, we must limit our choice to shade-loving plants. Ideally suited for use in the bathroom are, for example, Aloe Vera, Bamboo, Begonia, Cast Iron Plant, Dracaena and many others. However, there are several important factors to keep in mind when dealing with plants indoor. Despite the high humidity in the bathroom, such plants should also be watered, but probably much less often than usual. We must also be careful not to expose them to detergents and cosmetics. It is also a good idea to leave the bathroom doors open to ensure constant access to fresh air for our plants. If we do not want to deal with live plants in any way, but nevertheless introduce some greenery into a gloomy design, we can always use artificial plants. The artificial moss is becoming more and more popular. You can use it in a small decorative element or cover the entire wall with it.


A very interesting idea is to use a blackboard paint on one of the walls or at least part of it. Having a piece of chalk and a little creativity, you can change the graphics on your wall every single day. Such boards can also be used as a place to leave a message or just a reminder of important stuff. Use coloured chalk for an even more interesting effect.


Another idea for the revival of our bathroom is the use of wall mural wallpaper. Currently, you can find very durable solutions printed on special panels that have to be then glued to the wall (a much easier solution in self-assembly than sticking a large photo wallpaper). The number of available graphics is virtually unlimited. We can put practically any photo or graphic there, and if you get bored the change is very simple and does not require renovation of the entire bathroom.


One of the most difficult to pull together ideas is to build inside wall aquarium. But appropriate lighting and good water plants design can introduce an amazingly relaxing atmosphere. With this design, every shower will be like diving in the ocean :).


The simplest and most cost-effective solution will be to hang some paintings in the bathroom. Some may think that the bathroom is not the best place for art, but hanging a large colorful image in a boring dark bathroom can completely change its appearance.

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