Higher Level Of Hygiene In The Bathroom

In the era of highly developed technologies, we have many options to choose from that will help us keep order. Thanks to this, all cleaning activities can be much more pleasant and generate a short working time. 

How to reduce the places where bacteria occur?

The comfort of keeping the bathroom clean should be taken into account already at the renovation planning stage. There are many sanitary materials and equipment that will definitely help us contain the spread of bacteria and all pathogens.

Bacteria clusters are most often found in the toilet bowl and its vicinity, on tap handles, in draining places, such as in a bathtub, shower tray or washbasin. Regular cleaning of these areas reduces the risk of bacteria being transferred to other areas by touch. So let us remember to wash our hands frequently - especially in times of a pandemic. 

What can help us stop the spread of bacteria?

  • Contactless battery 

The water valve is activated by the autofocus sensor. In this way, we avoid touching the tap on which the most bacteria accumulate.

  • Suspended furniture and sanitary facilities

This solution is more and more often used not only in public places, but also in domestic bathrooms. Suspended furniture and sanitary facilities for the bathroom are much easier to clean. You can conveniently reach any place, there are no nooks and crannies. The toilet is built-up so there is less space for germs to accumulate.

  • Mirror in the wall

The advantage is not only easier cleaning, but also cheaper overall cost, because we do not tile the place where the mirror is attached.

  • Clear, open shower room

The walk-in shower is definitely a hit in terms of popularity of the choice of customers renovating the shower area. Clearly the most convenient type of shower to keep clean. In addition to hygiene, it has many advantages, such as optically enlarging the interior, there is no threshold, the bathing space is more spacious. Dedicated especially to small bathrooms.

  • Wood resistant to moisture

All wooden elements, such as beams and ceilings, should be properly protected with a preparation that protects against water and moisture.

  • Proper insulation

In places particularly exposed to contact with water, it is recommended to use liquid protection foil. It works preventively against the development of mold and fungi. In our offer, we recommend a ready set of liquid foil with corners, insulation tape for installation at wall joints and pipe seals.

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