A general renovation of the bathroom can make you dizzy if you count all the costs. Finding professionals, choosing materials, removing debris, noise and lack of access to the bathroom for some time are very discouraging if we only want to refresh it and do not need a full refurbishment. Fortunately, there are alternatives, and one of them is painting tiles with a special paint. For some it may seem strange or unprofessional, but currently available paint and painting techniques deny it. In a few simple steps you can get a really great effect and breathe some life in every tired bathroom.


• First of all, refreshing the bathroom by painting tiles and walls will be much cheaper than general refurbishment with tiles replacement. It is not only about the cost of the material, but also costs of professionals who will do the job. Painting is very simple and if we stick to the paint manufacturer's guidelines, everyone will handle it.

• Secondly, time. Painting is much faster than all other works, and also much less troublesome. The only inconvenience is the smell of paint and drying time for the floor.

• Another advantage is the wide selection of colours. Manufacturers already offer entire color palettes. We can combine them and, for example, finish the walls with a different color than the floor. In addition, nothing prevents you from creating your own patterns from the stencil on the tiles. It gives an incredible freedom and the opportunity to create something unique.

• If after some time we get tired of the color or pattern we invented, it will be even easier than before to repaint it.

• It is much harder to fail when painting than when cutting tiles and tiling. Manufacturers of such paints often provide very accurate instructions, and even videos that answer all our questions.

• Thanks to covering the entire surface of the tiles with a thick uninterrupted coat of paint, we increase the resistance to water and prevent the penetration of moisture by the joints. If we have wet-room shower it will improve its insulating properties and prevent mold growth in the corners.


• Unfortunately, such a coating is not eternal and in terms of abrasiveness can not match the ceramics. However, multiple coats and additional protective layers will allow us to forget about refurbishment for years.

• What was a plus for some may also be a downside. In order for the coating to be adequately strong, it must be uninterrupted. Therefore, tiles must be painted together with joints. Not everyone will like this effect.

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