Scandinavian style has been winning the hearts of many of us for several years. It might seem that the greatest interest in it has already ended, however, bathrooms in Scandinavian style have been enjoying great popularity for a long time. Scandinavian style is mainly characterised by light shades, there is no place for a wide range of colours. Whiteness, warm beige, neutral grey or pastel accents are the colours that will work best in such a bathroom. This is due to the fact that Scandinavian weather is not conducive to dark interiors, there are not many sunny days a year, and not much light falls into the rooms, therefore the inhabitants of those areas often decide on this type of interior to simply brighten such a place. The key is hidden in simplicity: with this type of bathroom we should pay attention primarily to functionality and minimalism, which, combined with very simple but interesting additions, will make our bathroom simply beautiful.

Beautiful Minimalist Effect


Minimalism is the basic feature of every bathroom in Scandinavian style. To achieve it, you should focus primarily on simplicity and functionality. At the same time, we do not have to give up decoration, the variety of our bathroom will give it character, we will feel much more comfortable and friendly in it. A sense of minimalism is given by spacious bathrooms, where there are not many objects. This gives the bathroom a sense of lightness. Different objects and elements in the bathroom have mainly straight lines and shapes. Swedes, Norwegians and Finns love minimalism, which is also associated with their passion for ecology and the desire to live as close to nature as possible.

When creating such a bathroom, it is worth choosing a zero-threshold shower tray, which, in combination with a glass shower screen, will make the interior optically larger, and the shower tray itself will give us a beautiful minimalist effect. This choice is also associated with a large saving of water compared to a classic bathtub. However, if you want to buy a bathtub, the best choice will be a white bathtub with a geometric shape. An interesting choice can also be a grey bathtub or in some pastel shade.


Wood is an element that a bathroom in Scandinavian style can't do without. What other material is more Scandinavian than just wood? For such a bathroom, of course, the best choice is light wood, preferably oak or exotic (teak, merbau and iroko - this type of wood is already much more expensive but much more waterproof) with a smooth finish. Of course, such wood must be properly protected against moisture and put in a place where it will not be exposed to direct contact with water. There are many ways for wooden accents in the bathroom: bathroom furniture, counters or decorations. Imitation wood tiles are also a very good choice, they are very practical and much cheaper, combining the beauty of wood and the functionality of tiles.

Stone is another essential element of a bathroom in Scandinavian style. Along with wood, they are the so-called core of Scandinavian style, they also give the interior warmth and emphasise minimalism. Stone will give your bathroom an industrial style. What's more, it is a great alternative to traditional tiles. It is also perfect for various kind of decorations, for instance in the form of pebbles thrown into a jar or a stone soap dish. It is also worth trying a stone mosaic to diversify your bathroom or brick as a finishing element.

Decorations In Bathroom In Scandinavian Style


As has already been mentioned before, there is also place for various decorations in bathroom in Scandinavian style. They are so important because they give our interiors warmth, deprive them a sense of coolness and austerity. Of course, and in this case, the most important is minimalism, too many different kinds of various types of accessories can completely destroy our whole idea. It is worth choosing natural fabric accessories such as linen, wicker, wool or the previously mentioned stone or wood. The ideal accessories will be, for example, a wicker basket or a stone pot. There cannot also miss a mirror, a large simple mirror will optically enlarge the room and give it an interesting character. Plants are also very good choice that make our bathroom much more cosy and give a feeling of being close to nature.

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