Are The Wallpapers Suitable For The Bathroom

Wallpaper in the bathroom

In modern bathroom designs, different solutions are used to finish the walls. There is no shortage of ideas for materials used for the arrangement. Sometime brick walls or architectural concrete would not be acceptable, but the trend is constantly changing. When renovating the bathroom, we want to introduce freshness into it, but we also think that the decor will fit into the current trend.

If someone talks about wallpaper in the bathroom, the first thing that comes to our mind is to imagine a wallpaper soaked in water that peels off the wall, or bulges underneath it due to moisture. It is thin, paper, and the pattern is not very attractive. Well, this scenario is long obsolete, because the wallpaper of today's production can be used in the bathroom, without worrying about their durability. Especially vinyl wallpapers are recommended for bathrooms. They are covered with a special PVC coating that gives them durability. They are characterised by high resistance to water and dirt. Aside from oils and fats, all impurities can be easily removed with soap and a sponge. They are resistant to light, thanks to which its colours will not lose their intensity.

Printing technology has also been changed. Instead of solvent inks, which contain harmful solvents, more and more often latex printing is used, which is equally durable, and we do not find toxic substances in it. So it is not only a practical but also an ecological proposition.

Wallpapers for the bathroom should let the air through so that they do not retain water vapor. We should not choose a wallpaper that does not have a breathable non-woven fabric, because over time, molds and fungi that are very harmful to health may appear under the wall surface decoration.

Wallpaper is a great idea for a beautiful bathroom. We already know that this is a practical solution and you can easily decide on it. It gives us the opportunity to change the arrangement more often than tiles. If you are wondering what else you could love wallpapers for, imagine that their greatest asset is the ability to print and put everything on your wall. There is no other material for such colour options and designs.

It is worth paying attention not to place the wallpaper itself in places most exposed to get wet. In such places it will be best to secure the wallpaper with an additional glass panel. For all that, tiles are ideal for rooms such as a bathroom or kitchen, so do not resign from them completely. The shower area must be tiled, because it is the best protection against water and moisture. We offer a uniform colour that will always match the colour wallpaper. We also recommend the use of a sealing mat or ready-made sealing sets with a liquid coating to protect walls and floors from moisture.

Wallpaper is a great way to enter a unique style and character into your bathroom.

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