Step-by-step detailed description how to place an order in our shop.

On every product's page you can see few pictures, main is usually real photo taken of the product itself. Other might be examples how it looks like installed, visualisations of finished bathroom containing it, parts that comes with it shown separately, differences between similar products or other parts that are available as an option. You will always receive what you can see on the first picture. Several things are also visible on other pictures will not be included (e.g. tiles).

Under the pictures you can customise the item you want to purchase, choose quantity or add includes. By changing an attribute you are able to change the type of the product itself and add optionals. For e.g. you can choose surface finish of the linear drain and add adjustable legs and tanking kit to your order without adding another product to your cart. Attributes often impact price, and amount visible is always price of each currently specified product. Technical drawings, specifications and description always match the item visible on the current page. 

After adding a product to your shopping cart you will be asked if you want to proceed with an order immediately, or add another product. You can always begin a checkout by clicking on the Cart icon located in the top-right corner of every page. By clicking "Checkout" button you are redirected to the first of five pages that will allow you to provide us all the neccessary informations to send purchased products to you, to choose shipping method and how would you like to pay for them.

On the first page you can see products previously added to the Shopping Cart.

Leftmost is small photo to help you recognise one of many products, or to help you revise your order if the product is added by mistake. In the next field is listed name of merchandise, and it's attributes (options) that often impact the final price. SKU number also known as reference helps our Customer Service to quickly recognize particular model and type of product if you need any assistance or problems. Further to the right you are able to see if an item is in stock and ready for dispatch. Majority of item we sell are constantly in our magazines.

On the right part of this page you can see cost of each item, quantity in your shopping basket and total cost of several pieces together. At this moment you can also change quantities of selected products, or remove them from your cart.

Total cart value is always visible on the bottom of summary table and is shown in red colour. Every price you see on our website is gross value and there are no hidden extras.

Basically, when you are not sure about accurateness of the chosen items or want to add another one, you can move back by clicking Continue shopping. If everything looks fine and there are no mistakes or you don't want to order anything else you can click Proceed to checkout.

Login page is where you give us your coordinates. You have few ways to do so. 

• To create new account, please enter e-mail to the top-left block and click create account. You will be then followed to next step where you are asked to enter basic informations as Title and Name (Date of birth is not required). After clicking register, you are finally moved to the page where you should enter your location. At least one Phone number, street and property number, Postal Code, City and State is required. You can assign given address an alias, which could be used if you wanted to order something again. In meanwhile, you will receive e-mail message confirming that you've just created an account in our shop. 

• If you already have an account in the past you can use it again. Enter your e-mail and password you set up during registration and click Sign in. If you don't remember your password you can use Recovery Procedure. Click on the "Forgor your password?" button above Sign in button and enter your e-mail address. You will receive a message where you can find new login credentials. It is advised to change it to one you will be able to remember on My account page.  

• Finally you can fill-in the Instant Checkout without creating an account. You will become guest and your order will be processed as usual. The only difference is that you will be not able to use provided informations in the future. Guest accounts cannot manage their addresses, receive special offers, they can use Guest Tracking to localise their package though. This is the fastest option and the best if you do not predict making another purchase in near future. 

Connection between your PC and our website is well secured by Trustwave SSL.Ⓡ

Manage your locations.

Address page lets you check if all this important information has been entered correctly. Make sure you've provided the correct information, as we will send your package exactly to the same address. Let courier find you quickly and smoothly. At this moment you can also update any of your addressess, or select the correct one from previously created. You can change and manage them without restrictions.

For example you can set two delivery addressess, one to your company headquarters and one to your home, as well as the billing addresses, one your company billing address for invoice and one your wife's private credit card address. If you predict another purchase in near future it can simplify and shorten next orders

If you wish to include some special instructions to us or carrier please leave it on the bottom of this page.

Choose the delivery service.

At this stage you can decide if you want to receive and item after paying when the order is placed or on the shipment's arrival. Appropriate Payment methods will be shown depending on which option you choose. If paid in advance we proceed your order immediately after we receive funds. We reserve the right to contact you before we send package with collection on pickup. This method is more expensive in risky for us, this is the reason we charge additional £20 for this type of delivery. 

Detailed and present informations about delivery are always available on Dispatch & Delivery page. To proceed to the next step we require agreeing with our Terms & conditions, containing rights and responsibilities applying both to Buyer (you) and Seller (our company). To do this please check the box the the left under the delivery options. We recommend to read the rules before placing an order in our store. After selecting chosen method and agreeing to our Terms of Use click proceed to checkout.

Pay for your goods.

On the final order page you can see once again order summary, consisting of details about merchandise and service. Total value represents grand summary of your order, tax included amount of money to be paid for products shown and their delivery. There are several possibilities in our store to send us funds. All of them are safe, fast and guarantee receiving purchased product. If you enter correct credentials after chosing they way you would like to be paid you will receive an e-mail with every information you have just provided. There will be also confirmation of payment received if everything goes well. 

You can review your order and download your invoice from the Order history section of your customer account by clicking My account on our shop. If you have a guest account, you can follow your order via the Guest tracking section.

Extended description of you Safety and every single Payment methods are always current and availalbe on the special page.

You've just placed an order in our shop. Congratulations! 

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