I'm wanting to trim around 150mm off the end furthest away from the drain, what's the maximum that can be removed from this end?


This shower tray can be trimmed to a minimum size of 960 x 960 mm, however we highly recommend to take equal bits from each opposite ends so premachined slope towards the drain is presever.

If you wanted to take 150 mm only from further end of the tray you it would make your floor uneven, one end would be higher than the opposite one. It would be possible to take 75 mm from one end and 75 from the opposite one and that would effectively shorten the tray down by 150 mm.

Alternatively we can offer bespoke, custom shower tray. It would have perfect slopes and would be the size your need without having to trim it, however unlike other products on our website it would take longer to have it delivered (would need to be manufactured first) which can take 6-10 business days and would cost more.

I am happy to help if you have any quesitons.

Kind regards

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