I have bought and installed your Showerlay Wiper 800 x 1500 Line Pure shower tray and am about to tile it. we want to use mosaic tiles which are just 6mm thick. After tanking and adhesive the tiles are likely to be about 4 mm below the level of the drainage grating. Can you suggest a solution please? Many thanks

Dear Lawrence,

I understand your concern. Please notice that while having the future floor level under the frame's height is not acceptable, having tiles sitting slightly above the frame is fine. Ideal situation is where tiles are sitting flushed with the frame.

There are 2 solutions:

- using multiple layer of tile adhesive. After first layer is dry you can apply another to build up height which will allow your mosaic tiles to be flushed with the drain's frame.

- using tile backer boards. You'd need to get 6 mm thick tile backer boards, cut them according to the slopes on the tray and fit them prior to finishing it with mosaic.

In both case the most important thing to do is not jeopardizing the slopes on top of the tray. There are diagonal slopes from every corner of the tray to every corner of the drain.

I am happy to assist if you have any further questions.

Kind regards

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