Hi, We are looking at the wet room kit 1200x1200mm line pure. We are in the process of fitting our upstairs en-suite, and have noticed that in the small print of the information you provided the tray can not be installed on the joists but instead would need to be on a wooden floor instead. Due to the nature of the wet room look we were looking for something that could be installed below the line of the floorboard/sitting on the joists; not directly but a frame that is built at that level. Is this something thata's possible? Or could you recommend something more suitable please? Kind regards Rhian

Dear Rhian,

Could you please provide us with your order reference so I can have a look into details of your order? Those trays can be installed upstairs, actually they are quite good for that since they provide decent acoustic insulation (prevents sound of a shower to be heard downstairs).

I can confirm that the tray can be installed both on top of the joists with ply in between them and on top of the timber frame floor.

I have sent detailed fitting instruction to your email.

If that's insufficient please let me know and I will reply with further details.

Kind regards

David 020 7193 0953

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