Hi, I have recently purchased a shower lay wiper 900/1700 shower tray former that I intend to install next week but have a query. Once the tray is installed and I have applied the appropriate tanking liquid to it, if water were to get through the tiles and onto the tanking layer how would this water get out of the drain as the linear metal drain sticks up 15 mm from this layer? thanks, regards Pete.

Dear Peter,

That's correct, the frame goes above the tray for approximalely 15 mm.

Tiles are normally 8-12 mm and to build up the space you would need to use a layer or multiple layers of tile adhesive. You can apply a new layer once the first once is dry.

Alternatively you can use tile backer boards. You would need to cut them according to their slopes and cover the tray with them.

I will be happy to assist if you have any questions.

Kind regards

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