can the 20mm board be used to replace floorboards in a bathroom with standard 400mm joist centres thanks

Dear Customer,

20 mm thick shower tray is the best for timber floor type. Because floorboards usually are 20 mm thick, 20 mm thick shower tray should be a good solution. According to our fitting recommendations, you need to:

1. Remove floor boards to expose the joists,

2. Prepare and fix battons to the joists, approximately 20 mm from their, upper level.

3. Mount at least 18 mm thick marine ply between the joists, on top of the battons.

4. By doing this, marine ply should be the same level the joists are and this should be a solid support for the shower tray.

5. Shower tray can be fixed using tile adhesive.

If you have any questions I will be happy to help.

Kind regards,

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