Hi just read the installation instructions, could you expand on this section 9 , “Distance from the shower tray surface to the top edge of vertical drain frame is 15 mm, so if you need to build up that space, use tile backer boards”. Is that he space around the drain or the whole board is it packed out. As 15mm seems pretty high? Thanks


That's correct. There's 15 mm of distance from the surface of the tray to the upper edge of the tray. It's fixed and cannot be adjusted. Most of the tiles are 8 - 12mm, therefore adding a bit of tile adhesive should bring the tiles to the frame level.

If your tiles are really shallow, there are 2 solutions. First using tile backer boards of appropriate thickness and cutting it according to the shape of the slopes on the tray or using Showerlay Invisible. That type of tray doesn't have any restriction for finish material thickness and will accept thick and shallow tiles as well as marble or stone.

I will be happy to help in case of any questions.

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