In our store, we offer as many as 14 different sizes of ready-to-tile shower trays. Additionally, each of them can slightly trimmed the desired dimensions. However, we realize that sometimes even this is not enough to fully adjust the shower tray to your design or the dimensions and shape of your bathroom. Therefore, we offer the possibility to order a custom-made wet room tray with bespoke product configurator. How to do it? What does the whole process look like and how long does it take to complete? Below you will find all the answers.


A bespoke wet room tray is often the only solution in very small, or, on the contrary, in very large, spacious bathrooms. To date, we have successfully delivered many custom-made shower trays in various shapes and sizes. A trapezoidal, triangular, polygonal or rounded custom tray is not a problem for us.

A wet room tray in a non-standard size or shape ordered from us will give you the certainty that all the slopes are symmetrical and that the drain is installed exactly where it was planned for in the project. The XPS foam shower tray bases are machine-cut with very high accuracy to provide a precise and even slope. By receiving a ready-made custom wet room tray with slopes, the contractor gains enormous ease in assembling and finishing the walk-in shower. This translates into lower labour costs and greater certainty of a properly completed job.


You can contact us in the most convenient way for you. You can write to us in the chat that appears in the lower right corner of the page (our working hours are from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday) you will get help immediately, otherwise leave us a message and we will reply later, write an e-mail to the or call 0800 368 9956.

Regardless of the form of contact you choose at the beginning, remember that at some point in the process, we will need your e-mail address to send you a drawing of your bespoke shower tray for your approval.


After determining what you need, we will prepare a technical drawing of your custom tray for you in accordance with your guidelines and dimensions and send it to your e-mail address for approval. After accepting the drawing and the price, you will be asked to make a full prepayment to our account. After receiving the payment the tray will be manufactured and we will inform you about the initial delivery date. After receiving the parcel, be sure to inspect the package for potential damage in the presence of the courier. Now all that's left is to install your bespoke shower tray in accordance with the guidelines.

The delivery time usually takes around 10 business days.


In the case of standard-sized shower trays available in our store, returns or exchanges are always possible within 30 days. Unfortunately, for custom-made products such as made-to-measure shower trays, a refund is not possible once manufactured. That's why we ask for thoughtful purchases and precise measurements when designing your wetroom shower.

If you still haven't found the answer to your questions, please contact us at or at 0800 368 9956. We will try to provide a professional answer or advice as soon as possible.

Use our custom order configurator and order a bespoke product perfect for your bathroom.

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