There are really many ways to design a walk-in shower. To separate it from the rest of the room, you can put up a wall, use a oldfashioned curtain, glass screen or leave the space completely open. In this brief article I will try to present the benefits of using a frameless shower screen.

First of all, you need to consider your own convenience. The shower separated from the rest of the room will heat up much faster when taking a shower. This is especially important in large and poorly heated bathrooms. In addition, with good ventilation of the room, the shower with glass screen will provide protection against drafts. That will make your showering much more pleasant. In addition with screen less moisture from the shower will accumulate in the rest of the bathroom, and this will protect you from fungus and mold on the walls and ceiling.

Splashing whole bathroom floor during each bath can also be problematic and will require you to wipe the floor each time you finish your shower. If the entire bathroom has not been properly sealed under tiles, you must take into account the possibility of water penetration into the deeper layers of the floor when water splashes are frequent and heavy. Even if you are not going to have problems flooding the ceiling below, it can lead to unnecessary moisture under tile and sometimes event mold. This is particularly important if you decide on an additional handheld shower head, which is pretty much impossible to use without splashing. In addition, you can also expect some unsightly soap residue which after some time can be very difficult to clean.

Of course, most of these problems can also be avoided by a wall or curtain, so why choose glass? Definitely because of the looks. When designing or renovating a bathroom, everybody wants it to be as pretty as possible and that the design won't age to quickly. The glass guarantees a minimalistic, modern and timeless appearance of the bathroom. In addition, it is more durable than the curtain and takes up less space than the wall.

By choosing a frameless shower screen such as the Aqata we offer, you will avoid the problem that occurs with standard framed screens, namely the accumulation of deposits in unnecessary housings. The minimum number of fittings, apart from being easier to clean, also facilitates assembly and reduces the price. The flat, smooth surface of the glass also means much more hygiene than all other solutions.

Considering all the above benefits and unquestionable aesthetic values, the frameless glass as a shower screen seems to be the only right choice for finishing your walk-in shower.

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