On the internet and design magazines, we can usually find advice on how to arrange small spaces only. In particular, small bathrooms can be problematic where you often have to show considerable creativity in furnishing. What about large bathrooms? Is it so easy to design spacious bathroom? Not at all. Having a lot of space to use in designing can easily get you lost. Efficient and aesthetic design requires a lot of experience and creativity. However, it is not impossible for a layman to plan a unique bathroom. Just be sure to make use of the following tips.


Eternal question when decorating the bathroom. Each solution has its own lovers. While the battle for arguments can be won, it is often difficult to change the habits taken out of the home. Therefore, arranging a spacious bathroom, we can compromise with oneself or a spouse and apply both a wet-room and a traditional bathtub. In fact, this is an increasingly common solution in modern designing. In addition, we do not have to limit ourselves to the size of our modern shower. A standard dimension of 800 x 800 mm or 900 x 1200 mm are the most often used in smaller bathrooms due to the space restrictions. But, we can easily use a showertray of 1200 x 1200 mm or 900 x 1850 mm, in which we can comfortably move even with a company :).


By far the most positive aspect of having a huge bathroom is the ability to freely place in it all the necessary equipment such as a washing machine and dryer. Let the kitchen be a place of food processing, not dirty laundry. You do not have to worry that the appearance of household appliances will disrupt or completely destroy the refined design of your bathroom. Currently, the possibilities of aesthetic covering of such equipment are very wide. From the use of an ordinary wooden cabinet in a rustic or industrial bathroom decor, to modern glass or acrylic sliding doors in advanced modern decor. We can also build a small wall and separate the zone for washing so that it does not disturb the appearance of the rest of the room.


Another great advantage of a large bathroom is the possibility to install two sinks. No more queues to wash your face, hands or teeth. The common morning use of the bathroom will become much more pleasant now. Even if you can not put two sinks perfectly next to each other, remember that you do not have to limit yourself to such a solution. It may be a hit to put the sinks opposite each other. However, it requires a lot more plumbing and better design skills.


Without a doubt, the main convenience of a small bathroom is the ease of heating it. Often, a small radiator is able to provide enough heat for comfortable use. Unfortunately, with a large room, the needs are much larger and one heater can often be insufficient. A great solution to this problem will be the use of underfloor heating. Thanks to this, we can evenly heat the entire room, including the wetroom area itself! Thanks to the controller, we can set the temperature precisely and quickly warm up the entire bathroom independently of the rest of the house. The problem of cold tiles no longer exists.

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