Avoiding Water Damage In Your Home With A Wet Room

When prepping your bathroom to install a wet room you’ll want to make sure that you cover all of the potential risks. There are many possible causes of water damage that could harm not only your bathroom, but the rest of your home as well. An improper installation of a wet room could result in water damage – but providing that the installation is handled professionally, your bathroom will benefit from great water damage protection, as well as a clean, contemporary look and feel.

Bathroom problems can cause water to seep through the ceiling and walls and drip down, damaging your furniture and appliances. Damp furniture and carpets can grow harmful bacteria and begin to smell, causing harm to you and your loved ones. 

Water damage can also ruin your floors, especially if your floor is made of wood or linoleum. When this happens, your flooring and subfloor will have to be replaced and this can cost you a chunk of change. 

If there is a water leak, wet plaster wood can weaken and be beyond recovery. The only option is to replace it. If the water continues to run down the wall, turn off the electricity to avoid further damage or a potentially dangerous situation. 

When water leaks and soaks into the floor it can cause a weak and unsafe subfloor. This type of damage has to be removed. Even the smallest bit of moisture can cause damage as moisture, mildew and other bacteria will begin to grow. 

An overflowing bathtub from the second floor can cause a leaky ceiling that will eventually form bubbles causing your ceiling to sag. The ceiling will begin to leak even more water and cause discolouration and other serious damage. 

Water damage is not an easy fix and it could end up costing you a fortune. So there’s great incentive to install a wet room! Make sure that when you do install your wet room that the correct insulation and waterproofing is completed. This will ensure the highest of standards, peace of mind, and a safe and beautiful wet room in your home for years to come.

For more information on the proper installation of your wet room, see contact us to receive installation brochure.

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