If you want to refresh the look of your bathroom, without huge expensive renovation, read our tips. You can raise the standard of your bathroom with a small cost and effort. What you can do will depend on the current design of your bathroom and budget that you want to spend on such facelift.


The first very important stage is decent cleaning and tidying. It may turn out that this is everything what our bathroom needed to regain its previous glory :). Wash your tiles thoroughly. Take extra care of the tiles in the bathtub / shower area and those under the ceiling, which are often overlooked during the cleaning. Don't you forget about joints between tiles. If we have a bright coloured grout, you are going to need a really strong cleaning agent and a lot of patience. After that, you need to take care of the bath or shower, sink and toilet. Again, a good cleaning agent and attention to details are also useful here. The biggest differences will be seen after cleaning the drainage grates. The replacement of old, moldy or damaged silicone around the toilet, sink, bathtub or shower tray will also be great. In addition, you should: clean away the general mess, throw away excess cosmetics and small useless items, put some new fresh towels and all that should enhance the effect even more. If you are still not satisfied with, you can think about the next stages.


One of the most radical and visible changes will be refreshing the walls. Depending on how your walls are finished, you can work in different ways. The easiest way is to simply paint the walls with a new, interesting color. The use of two colors can work very well. Depending on the layout of the room, you can paint part of the bathroom in one colour and the rest with a contrasting one, from the same palette. Instead of painting you can always use a wallpaper. The amount of available colors and designs is amazing so everyone will find something suitable for themselves. The most radical, but often with the most interesting end result, is painting tiles. There are special paints for tiles on the market. For our convenience and better effect, paint the entire tiled surface with fugues together. Thanks to this, the problem of color selection or cleaning of fugue is out of our head.


A very important element of any interior is proper lighting. By changing the colour and intensity of light you can get a very interesting results. Strong, white LED light visually cleanses and enlarges the bathroom. If you want to insulate the dark and cold colors of the room, you can use more yellow light using bulbs or halogen light or even candles. If you have a cabinet with a mirror or a mirror slightly protruding from the wall, you can use LED lighting behind it. Very modern and simple solution.


The right choice of colours and unification of style when choosing accessories can significantly refresh the appearance of the room. You can start from the simplest towel hooks and go through original rustic style shelves, to changing the mirror to larger one or taps for more modern ones. It's great to hang an interesting image or add some green plants. Changing the curtain of your shower to the glass screen will also give a great effect. Even such details as the mat / rug in the right color will be important for the final effect.

Regardless of which renovation step you choose and how much effort you put in applying it, the best results will be obtained by applying them all at the same time.