In the previous article, the subject of a functional shower in public space has not been exhausted. There are many details that determine whether using and maintaining bathrooms and showers will not cause problems.


One of the most annoying to users is the lack of hangers for towels or clothes. Even one small hook will improve the convenience of use. However, it is worth investing in something solid and take care of proper installation, which will prevent the need for frequent repairs. The same applies to holders or shelves for washing utensils. Cheap suction cup holders is definitely not a longterm and elegant solution. It is best to take care about this at the early design stage of the wetroom and create shelves directly in the wall.


Yes! Especially men who would like to shave their face under shower will appreciate this. This is a very rare equipment for shower cubicles in public spaces, but it is a useful feature. Even a small mirror on the cabin door allows you to check your hairstyle or facial cleanness before going out. However, let's remember about proper, solid fixing of such a mirror to avoid damage and problems.


It is extremely important to ensure proper ventilation in such a room. With several showers used frequently the humidity in the room will be massive. Thanks to efficient ventilation, you will avoid having steam on all surfaces, and in the long term you will not have to fight with mold and fungi.


Another often overlooked detail is to provide adequate lighting in the shower space. A separate lighting point above each cabin is the perfect solution. It is best to use white LED light in special sealed units. When dealing with a large number of cabins or such built-up to the ceiling, it is worthwhile to use motion sensors or separate switches in each of the cabins.


There are more small additions that will make using the wetroom easier and more pleasant. One of them may be placing speakers on the ceiling, which will allow to play some pleasant lounge music. For safety, it is worth to choose special non-slip tiles or coatings under showers and other critical areas. In addition, when designing a cabin for the disabled, it is worth installing a traditional shower faucet as well as a showerhead.