Easy Access with Wet Room Installation

Easy Access with Wet Room Installation

As well as bringing value and a luxury aesthetic to your bathroom, a wet room comes with a different set of advantages. With such a wide range of wet room designs available, they can be tailored to fit anybody’s needs and requirements, including elderly people and those who require wheelchair access or have other physical disabilities.

In and out with Ease

A wet room is already easily accessible due to it being on the same level as the bathroom without an awkward threshold. This means that people don’t have the risk of tripping over the edge of the shower door, and if a wheelchair is required, then there is no obstacle for the chair to get past.

You can either eliminate the shower door altogether, or pick a design best suited to your needs, which could be a sliding or a swinging door.

Can be Tailored to Your Needs

Deciding to build a wet room in your house allows you to tailor it to your requirements. This means that you can have it as big as you want to allow space for wheelchairs and any other modifications that would need installing.

If your wet room takes up the space of the entire bathroom, then you can change the material of your flooring to a non-slip material that also copes with moisture.

Wet room easy access

Stay Stylish

Modifying your bathroom to be accessible doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style. Installing specialised equipment in the shower can cause it to look bulky and cluttered, but a wet room will provide you with more than enough space, just in case you do need to have fixtures attached on the interior walls.

The shower will be able to be a continuation of the rest of your bathroom design, making it look modern and elegant.

Having a wet room built into your home will give you the ultimate relaxation space where you can feel safe and secure. If you want to renovate your home with a luxury bathroom area then Wet Rooms Design can provide you with shower trays and drains so your wet room has optimum functionality. For any enquiries about our products, feel free to contact us on 020 7193 0953.

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