An interesting choice when choosing your splash screen may be a wall made of special glass bricks. This solution combines stiffness pros of the masonry wall and the minor wall thickness of plaster and XPS boards. Unfortunately, this choice will not be flawless. First of all, the brickwork wall will be quite an expensive choice. In addition, we will not be able to securely fix durable holders, eg for towels. However, the unique appearance that this option offers should compensate us for all the inconveniences.

The most typical choice will be the classic door embedded in the frame. Such solution will allow you to completely separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom and almost completely protect it from splashes. The weakest point of the door are gaskets, which eventually become frayed, stiffened and as a result cease to adequately seal. Hinges also like to accumulate dirt, which is later difficult to remove. In small bathrooms, we can also face the problem opening the door freely.

An easy to install and flexible solution is to use a simple folding screen. Bamboo screens or other exotic and moisture-resistant varieties of wood will be the best. Unfortunately, this method of covering shower area will not match any bathroom decor. It most definitely won't fit very modern bathroom style. The screen also does not provide perfect protection against water and for some may not be stable enough. It is also not a long-lived solution. Even exotic wood and bamboo are not completely resistant to moisture and detergents and will quickly start to look repulsive. But, there is and advantage that we gain a place to hang a towel or clothes, which may eliminate the need to mount hooks and handles and it may feel like taking a shower on a tropical holiday.

When dealing with a very large bathroom, you can try the most minimalist solution of them all. By creating a sufficiently large shower area with good tile slopes and at a suitable distance from the rest of the bathroom, we can completely abandon the idea of having a splash guard. With a large area, the risk of notorious splashing the rest of the bathroom is minor especially when using a shower-head. For some additional protection you may use a bathroom rug arranged by the "exit" from the shower.