Ceramic tiles are very popular, but there are also other materials that can cover the walls in the bathroom. They are suitable for modern interiors, they are cheap and easy to install, and their use in the arrangement allows you to achieve an original and non-standard decor.


This material may not be extremely durable. It is not equal to stone or ceramics, but if you care about fast and effective bathroom decoration, it is certainly an election that will meet your expectations. The numer of patterns is almost unlimited. In places strongly exposed to water contact, vinyl wallpapers with PVC coating are ideal. They are characterised by high durability and water resistance. There are also fiberglass wallpapers that can be used as a primer to mask uneven walls and then paint it with paint. In this way, we can get a cosy bathroom atmosphere. We also have a choice of laminated wallpapers, which are the most expensive but also the most durable – they are made on the basis of special foils. If you like frequent changes, certainly the wallpapers are on option for you. Their assembly is not difficult and everyone should deal with it. The choice of designs and colours is huge, and we also have the option to personalise graphics for wallpapers for your own needs. You can not find the wallpaper of your dreams? Create your own! This is a patent that is often used, which brings many possibilities in the selection of colours and patterns.


This is another solution that offers a lot of design possibilities, from rough surface to high gloss decorative plaster. Thanks to plasters, we can obtain richly decorated space as well as the climate of austere interior. We can choose from products created on the basis of acrylic resins that give resistance to long-term action of water as well as those based on minerals, special varnishes and impregnants that are able to protect our walls against fat, chemistry but also against the development of fungi and mildew. With the use of this raw material, we can make our bathroom look like it was made of concrete, steel or stone. The only thing we have to remember is to protect them with varnish that guarantees resistance and durability.


We have a lot of color paints to choose from. Depending on the surface, we can be directed towards shiny paints or giving a mette effect – there are many possibilities. Painting the bathroom walls with paints is a cheap, practical and at the same time proven solution. Paint manufacturers offer us products that protect against moisture and mold, as well as provide breathing and durability to the walls. We can opt for acrylic, latex or silicone paints. We do not have to worry about the type of surface that we will paint, because they perfectly cover the walls of brick and concrete, paint plasters, as well as vinyl wallpaper or gypsum cardboard.
Each type of paint has slightly different applications, eg latex paints are worth using in places requiring frequent washing. If we want to protect ourselves against damage or chemistry, we will use ceramic and vinyl paints. It is important to remember before painting about proper preparation and primed walls. Paints are very versatile and can be freely composed with other of the above variants.