A wet room of XXI century: warm bath with electricity

What do we require from our shower in the wet room? That, after the water was unscrewed, it was heated to the right temperature. Nowadays, you can enjoy such luxury virtually any one of us, all thanks to electric flow water heaters. They are connected to a water supply system or another water intake. They are light and relatively small and easily accessible. Is it worth investing in this type of device?

When are electric showers worth the money?

The convenience of a hot water heater can be a pleasure. How high your bills are will depend on usage, device type and energy provider. In practice, it turns out that electric water heating is not at all costly. Thanks to this, when you start your shower, you can immediately enjoy warm water without a wait. Such showers are also relatively inexpensive and easy to assemble. The advantage of such a solution is that hot water is produced on a regular basis, so there is no storage waste. If you install the heater directly in the shower, no hot water losses will be generated at all. It is a great option to invest in capacitive heaters, which can significantly reduce the cost of hot water. Electric underfloor heating also increases the worth of every wet room as well as pleasure of each showering.

Not only in the apartment

Electric showers are worth their price in the case of cottages and farm buildings where no large amount of hot water is used. They will also work well where there is no access to other sources of energy other than electricity. So if we do not have the option of installing a solid fuel boiler or we are not near a gas pipeline, then this solution will certainly be profitable.

Warm baths thanks to heat exchangers and hot water tanks

Apart from devices and other wet room kits on the market that heat water directly, other options are available. If you have a central heating boiler, you can install a storage tank or c.w.u heat exchanger that collects and stores hot water heated by a plate heat exchanger. Containers and exchangers are recommended especially for large installations, so when we have two bathrooms in the house. Typically horizontal heat exchangers with coil or double jacket heat exchangers, which have a higher heat output, are also used. With modern electrical installations, such as the spiral coil heat exchanger, even greater power and heating surface can be achieved. Although many people think that electric water heating is expensive, this is not true, provided that we choose the type and power of the heater for our specific hot water needs. By placing the unit near the water intake points, we do not run out of water and energy. All in all, thoughtful installation and common sense use will mean the operating costs of a shower with a water heater may not at all be prohibitive.

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