Should You Buy Underfloor Heating

Spring, autumn, winter. We live in a climate where we must heat the house for over 6 months a year. We do not pay attention to this every day, but only a failure or lack of heating system gives us an idea of how important this is to our home. In most of British homes we still use the most common type of installation, with unattractive radiators at the sight. Meanwhile, for the past few years, underfloor heating has become increasingly popular, cheaper and easier to use. If you are in the process of renovation, you might want to consider installing it. In this guide, we will present some of the key benefits that we hope will convince you.


For human, it is best if the higher temperature is at the floor and the lower is at the head level. Then most of us feel thermal comfort, which influences our well-being. This is exactly how temperature pan out with underfloor heating. Thanks to that, in a room with underfloor heating can be 2 ° C cooler than in rooms with traditional heaters, and we will not feel it.


Underfloor heating is completely hidden beneath the floor and no visible heating elements provide greater interior design. This is important when planning an effective development of the window space, which in traditional heating is reserved for the radiator. This is an important aspect especially in small rooms such as the bathroom, where additional space can be used for better placement.


Underfloor heating transmits most of the heat by radiation. This leaves no air movement, such as traditional convection heating. Unfavorable air circulation is also reduced by the fact that the temperature of the heating surface, i.e. the floor, is very low and is 22-26°C (traditional heater is 60°C). Dusting in the air is minimal, and the dust cannot be scorch, as is the case with conventional radiators. In conclusion, underfloor heating is recommended for allergy sufferers.


Something for us, that is for the online store with bathroom solutions, which is very important - underfloor heating can be, and even is recommended to install in the bathroom. The lack of unassuming radiators, more space and, above all, the possibility of installing under the shower area makes this type of heating ideal for bathrooms. Its installation is not as difficult as it seems, and there is no limit to the floor finish - the heating can be mounted either under the tiles or under a wooden or vinyl floor. The biggest advantage that you can feel right away is the pleasant feeling of warmth in the shower and after you leave. Underfloor heating is extremely appreciated in winter when it keeps the tiles warm underfoot. Another important advantage that is not so obvious is that heating helps to dry out the water on the floor. Thanks to this, we are confident that moisture will not get us into the wall and we do not expose them to the formation of a fungus.

We hope that this guide accurately presents you the most important advantages of underfloor heating. In our store you will find products from reputable Magnum Heating company, whose wide selection and affordable prices allow you to perfectly match the underfloor heating to your floor and bathroom.

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