We often associate the heating system with one of the more complicated, invasive and expensive installations that must be made in a house or apartment and that must be planned at a very early stage of construction. It doesn't have to be that way. Electric underfloor heating mats will be the best alternative to traditional solutions.


The installation of heating mats is straightforward. An electric heating system can be planned for the entire house at an early stage of design, as well as for just a single room in the apartment at the very end of finishing works. This is one of the reasons why this type of heating is gaining popularity so quickly, both when renovating old buildings and in completely new investments.

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The unquestionable advantage of electric floor heating over other heating systems is its flexibility. This applies to both installation and use itself. When calculating the area to be heated, subtract all furniture and other immovable household items. Thanks to this, you can precisely designate the usable areas to be heated, and thus reduce some costs.

Electric heating is best divided into individual rooms. This gives a great deal of control over the heating of the rooms that are actually in use. The temperature of each room can be set separately. Usually higher for bathrooms, slightly lower for rooms and corridors. Thanks to smart thermostats connected to the home WiFi network and controlled from the phone, you can conveniently set individual temperatures in one go. You can also easily establish heating schedules for individual mats. For example, to keep your home warm when you come home from work without wasting energy on heating empty rooms when you are away.

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-> The main advantage of electric underfloor heating is their simplicity. Especially in the case of heating mats, the number of elements that make up the complete set ready for installation is limited to three elements: a mat, a thermostat and a sensor. In such a system, you can forget about large, heavy elements such as radiators or the need to drill through walls and ceilings. All you have to do is provide electricity and then tile over the mats.

-> Less complexity also translates into greater system security and ease of use. Even if the conduit is damaged during drilling in the floor, there is no risk of flooding, as in the case of water heating. And the temperature on the thermostat for electric heating can be easily set even by a child unlike the complicated central heating boiler controllers.

-> The heating cable heats up much faster than water in pipes or radiators, and thus it can give off heat faster heating up the floor, and thus the entire room.

-> In contrast to convection heating, the underfloor heating is friendly to allergy sufferers because it does not constantly raise dust into the air.

-> Heating mats can be easily installed during a small renovation limited to one room without the need for invasive work throughout the house. The thermostat can be discreetly placed for example next to a light switch.

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